Monday, August 10, 2009

WinterTime in my Garden!

Well here is the last installment of my garden thru the seasons. This one I guess is more fun than anything else. ENJOY!!!

I love Christmas, it is absolutely my favourite day of the year, oh, apart from my B.Day of course. :)

These photos were taken 10 days before Christmas last winter, the passion plant is still green (on left) and there are still some plants in the flower pots, they are so brave. :) I didn't even go outside to take these photos it was soooo cold!

It is tradition we make at least one Snow "Person" a year!

Happy Painting/Creating! :) T.


Justine said...

These pictures, all of the different seasons, are great! Wonderful series!

Esshaych said...

Great pics! I wish we had snow like that over here! :D

Almost Precious said...

Love the photos of the bare tree branches covered in ice and pretty, much like a fairyland. The little gecko is still around, he's migrated to the master bedroom now and hides under my dresser...hope I don't open a drawer and have ninja gecko come flying out at me. =D