Saturday, October 27, 2012

How Not to Shoot A Squirrel :)

I mean with a CAMERA, of course, LOL!!! :)

Hi All,

Hope you are all doing well and enjoying your Weekend! :)

I really have to say you guys "ROCK!!!" Thanks so much for all your sweet words last week, it has been so challenging recently and knowing you guys are there is pretty damn AWESOME, cheers for that!!! :)

 It is gloomy and cold here, I hope you are experiencing better; definitely one of those days where you just want to cuddle up with a quilt and hot chocolate and watch your fav. movie. :)

The other day I was thinking that I haven't really shown you any of the photos that don't turn out very well. You must know by now that I take a LOT of pictures and I think I use maybe one in every 100 - 200 but I still have thousands that I haven't looked at very closely at all, YET!!! (I will get there eventually, but I might have to stop taking photos for a while, LOL!!! )

So, on a recent trip to the park, for a short walk, I was trying to take some photos of the Squirrels but they were so busy back and forth, that it really didn't matter what settings I had my camera on I was not going to get the shot :(

Uh Oh!! Might make a good texture though, LOL!! :)

The way NOT to take an "Action Shot" :(

I got a LOT of BUTT shots (I think they might have been trying to tell me something!!! (He! He!)


This was the best I could do that day, I can pretend I cropped it to look this way but........( I'd be lying :)

Then I remembered I had taken some photos a couple of years ago, on our trip to Southern Oregon, of a cute little Chipmunk.

These guys are as tricky to capture on camera as the Squirrels they are quick and fidgety But............

Yep, I want a photo of YOU!!!

Rapid fire shooting................ leads to lots of blurry shots :(

FINALLY!!!!! YAY!!!!!

I really can't take any credit for this, except perseverance. It really was the Camera and the Chipmunk :)

Cute Though!!! :)

Have a Lovely Weekend :)

Happy Painting/Creating! :) T.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Trying to Keep Sane :)

Hi All :)

Well, the past few weeks have been Exhausting, Confusing Frustrating and Stressful :(

Not to bore you with too many details but we have been going thru the crazy process of getting ready to move, pricing a household move (totally scary, the price not the movers, so much, LOL :) They told us it would take 3 days to pack our household belongings and 2 days to load the truck (Do ya think we should get rid of some stuff??? He! He!) 
Then Costing everything that needed to be done to our house before it was market ready (Even more scary! :) And on and on, you know all the little things that suddenly add up to a huge pile of stuff to be done when you are planning to move. We thought it would be worth the stress and a calm transition in the end.

Then it all feel apart in a hurry and now we are sitting shell shocked and baffled, trying to come to terms with what happened. :(

On top of that;

I have also had 3, yep, THREE C.T.Scans in as many weeks, multiple doctors visits and then a Spinal tap tomorrow, a Mammogram and an E.E.G. next week. I am totally exhausted and I guess this is what happens when you put off doing stuff or aren't up to doing stuff or you change Neurologists and they have a different approach on trying to work out what is causing all the symptoms I am experiencing, Oh The Joy :(

So, now you know why I haven't been around much, blogging, commenting or FB - ing (does that mean something else, He! He!)

Anyway, I have so many photos from my trip to Eastern Oregon I want to share with you but working on them right now is going to be challenging but I did want to share this one with you :)

click on photos to see larger images :)

Sunset over Mt. Hood

As my Hubby and I were driving on the East side of our beautiful state of Oregon, across high dessert, we saw this beautiful site and of course I just had to get out of the car and take some photos :)

I had never seen the Mountain from the East Side before :)

Because of all the smoke from the forest fires in Oregon and Washington State, at the time, it made for a beautiful sunset :)

I didn't want to photo - shop out the telephone wires, as for me it added to the surreal environment we found ourselves in. It was amazing, warm high desert for miles and miles, not a tree in sight, not a building for miles and a great paved roadway where few cars passed us and it was so, so, so quiet, I truly believe we would have heard a pin drop on the roadway :)

For this City Girl it was absolutely magical :)

This is our wonderful Mt. Hood, that we can see from Portland on most days :)

This is a photo I took of Mt. Hood a few years ago, on Thanksgiving Weekend, from the West Side :)

I hope you are all doing well and life is treating you kindly :)

Have a lovely Tuesday :)

Happy Painting/Creating! :) T.