Friday, December 23, 2011

First Day Of Winter! :)

Hi Everyone :)

I Woke up, this Morning, to this Beauty :)

To see larger photos click on images :)

Beautiful Frozen Cobweb. :)

It is the first day of Winter here in the Northern Hemisphere and it certainly started out amazingly :)

Gorgeous frost and fogs and temps. in the 20's, but the sun tried very hard to break thru the fog :) Of course I didn't have to leave my cozy home so all was well for me :)

My Son's drove to the airport to pick up their sister and now the whole family is together for the first time in 8 months :)

5 Variations of the same image, hope you like these :)

I Love this image :)

It always amazes me that if I move the camera or make slight adjustments my lens will capture a completely different image of the same thing.

This reminds me, that, that is really what this time of year is all about. We celebrate this time of year for lots of different reasons but the beauty is there to be cherished by all :)

Happy, Happy Holidays and I wish you wonderful celebrations with your friends and Family :)

All our "Babies" made it safely home and we are indulging in time together and creating even more joyous memories :)

From our Family to Yours, Have a wonderful , wonderful time of being together. :)

I really want to Thank my lovely Blogger Buddies for sticking with me thru this challenging year, you guys truly rock and you have been a great source of strength to me :)

Happy Painting/Creating! :) T.

See ya all in 2012!!!! :)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Fuchsias in December in Portland :)

Hi Everyone :)

I hope you are all well and the Holiday Season is not too crazy for you just yet :)

I have been home in the joyful (note sarcasm) throes of a C.F.S. relapse, seriously, timing could not be worse, but I know the drill, rest until it starts to subside (I really hope it lightens up for Christmas but, as I know all to well, it is unpredictable and so I just hope :)

So given that I am pretty much housebound and I can only enjoy the beautiful weather we are experiencing thru the windows (but much better than it being rainy and dark :) I thought I would share some of what I am seeing out in the beautiful world :)

The birds are very active on the bird feeder outside the kitchen window and I can't believe the Fuchsias are still flowering in the hanging baskets in December, even after our frosty mornings recently here in Portland :)

I thought I would share the pictures I took of them, I hope they cheer you as much as they do me :)

First a Few Night Shots (shot thru glass)

I really like this shot, it reminds me of Victorian wallpaper, or maybe my eyesight is just going (He! He! :)

And a few Day Shots (shot thru glass also :)

The first of these two is a SOOC (straight out of camera) shot :) The second one is slightly altered with a bit of contrast :)

Hope you enjoy these beautiful blooms :)

Do you have a fav. shot?!?!

I Hope you have a lovely week!

Happy Painting/Creating! :) T.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale :)

Good Morning Everyone :)

Well, it is that time of year where all the shops and stores, well, just about everyone is having a sale :)

And I am no exception but of course mine is Bigger and Better (He! He!)

Here are the detail;

Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale; 50% off all photo prints in my

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Sale Dates; Nov 23rd to Nov 30th


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If there is something in particular you are looking for but do not see it in my Etsy Shop or if you have seen something in my shop and it isn't there now it will be hanging around somewhere :)

Please don't hesitate to contact me, as with over 30,000 photos taken I might just have what you are looking for :)

Hope you all had a wonderful Day! :)

Happy Painting/Creating! :) T.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thankful Thursday :)

Good Afternoon all :)

Again I am joining My Blogger Buddy Annette at So Many Memories blog for "Thankful Thursday".

I LOVE the idea that we, at least for one day a week, stop and think consciously about what we are Thankful for :)

This week I am so Thankful we were able to go on Vacation this year :)

As the rain and cold sets in to the Pacific Northwest I wanted to share a few more of our photos from sunny Napa, California :)

click on photo for larger image :)

one of the popular places to eat in St. Helena the American Culinary Institute

couldn't resist taking a shot of this beautiful palm tree outside the ACI.

One of the popular spots to eat in St. Helena for tourists and locals alike, great outdoor burger place. Taylors has Onion rings to die for :)

Taylors :)

Hurley's is my Fav. restaurant in Napa Valley, consistently good food and service :)

Patio is beautifully surrounded by these lovely flowers :)

and Heart shaped cookies :)

my Fav. cocktail at Hurley's :)

If you are in Yountville you have to check out Thomas Kellers Bouchon Bakery :)

More Macaroons Yum! :)

photos of the lake at Chateau Montelena

What can I say, we can't really get Palm Trees to grow in P.Town, so I like to have photos of them :)

Here is the beautiful Swan on the Lake at Chateau Montelena :)

Don't forget to pop over and visit Annette at So Many Memories to see what she is Thankful for today :)

What are you Grateful for Today???

Hope you all had a wonderful Day! :)

Happy Painting/Creating! :) T.