Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New Gallery

Hi All :)

I Hope you are having a great day (even if it is Hump Day :)

Well, a few weeks ago, I told you the exciting news that I had my work, both Mixed Media Abstract Artwork & Photography, hanging in a new gallery, "MAISON DES ARTISTES" in Lake Oswego, Oregon, YAY!!!

At the opening, I forgot to take photos of my work at the gallery and then time got away from me, you know how it goes. 

But last week a girl friend wanted to get together for lunch and then visit the gallery (it was really great to see my girl friend it has been way too long since the last time we got together) anyway, that gave me an opportunity to snap a few quick shots of my work so I could share it all with you :)

So here goes :)

reflections are always a challenge when taking photos of artwork under glass and esp. when the sun starts to shine (seriously, this is Oregon, it is usually "liquid Sunshine", lol!!! :)

so I moved around until I could get one shot of one piece without reflection (well, ok, maybe a little less at least :)

and then tried to take a shot from a sideways angle

here is my vintage desk and suitcase, very useful  for display purposes, don't you think :)

a couple of smaller pieces from me (trying to show a little restraint, lol :) , I LOVE to make big art pieces :)

I wanted to get a good shot of  "Shadow Spirits" (top right) as it has a lot of layers (which is something I do to build up texture and movement in most of my artwork :)  But again, in person you can see the textural qualities much better :)

These smaller (12 x 12) square art pieces were great fun to make; I was playing with acrylics and inks on canvas instead of on large heavy duty watercolour board or paper, again abstract (what else would you expect from me, He! He!) I love to see how different surfaces hold up after a soaking in inks :)

I have just started to put some of my Photography onto canvas the "Orange Dahlia" is the first to be displayed, I am really happy with the quality and colour, I haven't gotten around to putting them into my ETSY SHOP
 yet :)

I hope you like my little display and the mix of Mixed Media Abstract Artwork and my Photography (which can get abstract sometimes too, lol!!! :)

If you are in the Portland, Oregon area, I would LOVE you to stop by and check out all the other amazing items in the gallery; there is an eclectic mix of goodies from hats and pillows, to pottery and glass, to art and photography, to facial and body care products, jewelry and so much more :)

First Friday's there is music and lots of the Artists to meet :)

Happy Painting/Creating! :) T.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Birthday Trip to San Diego :)

Hi All :)

I hope the world is being kind to you and you are all doing well :)

Last week my Hubby and I spent the week in Sunny San Diego, celebrating our B.Days together, which was wonderful and to have all that time together, amazing. :)

 It was wonderful to see sunshine everyday, spend time outside, walking or swimming everyday or just lying by the pool or sitting casually outside dining and also, visiting with Friends. :)

Of course we came home to rain and more rain but I still have my photos to keep me mentally in the San Diego Sunshine :)

I didn't take many photos this year ( a 1/3 of what I took on our last trip to San Diego) I was really there for some much needed 
R. & R. :)

But, of course, I did take a few photos, Hope you like them :)

(Sorry, for the repeats for those who have seen some of them on FB, already)


Click on photos for larger images :)

1st photo taken on the day we arrived, 2nd on the day we left, I love taking shots of planes landing in San Diego because the airport is so close to town the planes fly low over the buildings coming into land, it is so amazing to experience for me, I am a huge plane fan :)

It has become a tradition of sorts that I get a pedicure in the Hillcrest neighbourhood when I get to San Diego, it is a fun area, lots of great food and we pop into our fav. Greek restaurant too! :)

Oops!!! Surfer Down (he got back up really quickly :)

Palm Trees in the Sunset :)

Awesome surfing waves (alas, not for me but I do wish I had had the opportunity to learn, maybe when I am 80 :)

Beautiful Big Bow on the Hotel Del Coronado as they celebrate 125 years :)

The Chandelier in the foyer of the Hotel Del :)

Lots of people leisurely riding around on bikes :)
Some of them really shouldn't have been; it was quite comical watching people who obviously hadn't ridden a bike recently trying to come to a wobbly stop for a speeding car or pedestrians
(I know I am cruel but it was hilarious :)

There were some beautiful waves in the Sunshine :)

Picnickers on the Beach :)

I never usually get focused dusk shots (that look like picture postcards) as I tend to go for the abstract; I do not use flash and with a 300 mm lens (heavy) and I won't use a tripod either (I want to do my own photography, not do what everyone else does, LOL!!! ) But here is one I am quite proud of, (He! He!)

Sunset and Reflection :)

I LOVE these 2 :)
The Sunset reflecting on the Ocean makes them look like paintings :)

I hope you enjoyed these :)

Let me know what you think :)

Have a lovely Weekend :)

Happy Painting/Creating! :) T.