Friday, September 26, 2014

A Dear Jane Letter to my Computer and Flip Phone :(

Hi All :)

Gosh Me!!! It has been a while since I have been here :(

Well, I have been "Computer Challenged" recently, my computer is 10 years old (congrats to her for making it this far, Oh Where does the time go???) but unlike her Human counterparts she is going into early demise and needs constant life support, constantly crashing and recently, I was "Blue Screened" too!!! So I haven't been able to use her much or be on the internet or work on photos and FB is way too much for her and she just gives up. I am really grateful that she has gotten me this far but it is time (shh, I don't want her to hear) - whispering - "it is time to let her go" :(

My "Old" Desk Top Computer :)

I also have had a flip phone (camera - less too) for the past 9+ years, which of course in cell phone years means she is close to pre-historic. It is definitely challenging when anyone wants to hear me on the phone and when I have to text (she is so old, you know how it is, you have to pressed the button 3 times to get to "C" right) it is just too exhausting!!! 

The other day my Son and I had to go to the airport to pick up his car, he called me and then texted me to say he had his car and was leaving the parking garage and my phone didn't make a sound, No, it wasn't on silent or off :( Thankfully I was waiting for the call and kept looking at my phone (I was at the designated cell phone waiting location - well, actually I was "plane spotting" with my binoculars, lol, but I digress...... :) I should have heard something but not a beep, nothing, so that was that, I decided even though I do not use my cell phone too often it was time to get a phone that worked and my Hubby wouldn't keep saying "I can't hear you very well, Darling" when I did use it.

My old Samsung Flip Phone - look it is so old it has Cingular on it, remember that, AT &T bought them out way back when........ You can tell how many times that poor phone has been dropped by all the scratches on it :(  

So to bid them farewell I decided I would write them a Dear Jane Letter ;

To my Dearest Computer and Cell Phone, 

"for the past 10 years or so we have been together and you both have served me well but of late you have both started to let me down, first it was in small ways like not being available and alert when I needed you and then things got worse and more challenging. I am exhausted, cajoling, nurturing and egging along you slow coaches but we have grown up together in this "techie" world but one of us is letting the team down and it isn't me :(  It breaks my heart to have to write this but I'm afraid it has become apparent to me of late that we need to part ways. What we have experienced together can never be replaced but it is time for me to move on and into the 21st century. That being said please don't be jealous of the new smart phone or the faster computer with more memory, just try and think of them as helping me move on to reaching my potential.  You know I will always remember you both fondly, love"

 I have ordered a new computer which will be faster, way more reliable and with LOTS of memory. :)

I also bit the bullet and bought a new smart phone, scary when your phone is smarter than you, lol :)

I really can't believe how much of my life is spent on the computer these days. :(

So, now the problem will be a HUGE learning curve for the next few weeks because I have to learn how to use a new computer. Although, it might take me longer to work out how to use my new phone, lol :) Thankfully I have great in-house computer tech support and phone support, YAY for nerdy males, lol, gotta love 'em :)

This is my new Smart Phone with one of my own designs on the cell phone cover from Society 6 :)

You can check out my Smart Phone Cases on S.6. HERE :)

Of course the first thing I thought about was making it pretty, not how I was going to use it, ever the Artist, lol :)

Hopefully, it won't be too long before I am fully functional in the computer world again :)

Hope everyone has a wonderful Weekend. :)

Happy Painting/Creating! :) T.