Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sail Boats and Ships in San Diego Sunset :)

Hi Everyone! :)

I hope you are all having a Wonderful Summer and doing lots of Fun in the Sun activities :)

And for my Blogger Buddies in the Southern Hemi, it will be Spring soon, YAY! :)

It has been a few weeks of Crazy Summer Fun, lots of photo taking and lots of Sunshine, which we were very happy to see, finally! :)

But, I have taken sooo many photos that I am still working on my photos from our trip to San Diego back in March (yes, I have a tons of excuses as to why I am so slow!!! LOL!!!)

I really wanted you all to see these. I'm very proud of them :)

So relax and enjoy!

This ship is "The Star of India" with H.M.S. Surprise in the background :)

I loved touring these ships and one day I would really love to go out for a sail in one; better put that wish on the Bucket List :)

As the light started to change and from the different angles that I took my shots I LOVED the effects I was getting :)

These 2 photos of "The Star of India" were taken about an hour apart and I love the way the light changed :)

A little warm layer on this one too! :)

H.M.S. Surprise (SOOC)

The Star of India right as the Sun went down, shooting right into the Sun :)

I LOVE the light in this shot :)
This ship is the replica of H.M.S. Surprise used in the movie "Master and Commander", starring "The Man" himself Russell Crowe; my Son and I are big fans and we LOVE to watch that movie together :) 
So, to go on the ship and stand possibly where "The Man" may have stood made me feel like a little star struck girl again and believe me that doesn't happen very often (He! He!) I'm pretty blaze about famous people having lived in L.A and London but "The Man" well, what can I say.........that wouldn't totally embarrass me, LOL!!! :)

I know that some people would think this is a crappy shot as it is all dark but for me it was all about taking a shot directly at the sun that highlighted the rigging of the ship and then to get the flares of sunlight effect was just perfect to me. :)

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" or when I say it is (He! He!)

I think I see some Pirates escaping in a row boat, LOL!!! :)

Again shooting into the sun to contrast rigging :)

These 2 photos I put a warm layer across and I really like the 
effect :)

The Next 8 photos are all a little different in their light, contrast and textural presentations that I just couldn't choose, so I put them all in and you can decide if you have a fav. or not. Again shooting into the Sun as it descends I LOVE the flares, the reflection and patterns on the water and the calm outlines of the Sail Boats, it really could have been taken at a port anywhere in the world, that made me think how universal Sailing is :)

A little warm layer on these last 5 :)

This last one I couldn't resist playing with on Photoshop (as I am very, very slowly learning how to use it :) This is the same shot as the 5th one but of course that is the SOOC shot :)

Well, I hope you like these and let me know which photo is your fav! :)

Have a lovely Evening :)

Happy Painting/Creating! :) T.

Friday, July 13, 2012

A Day At The Beach :)

Happy Friday Everyone!

Well, My Son and I were waiting and waiting for a sunny day to go to the Beach. So, we waited and waited, watching the weather forecast like crazy and eventually after a few weeks the first day of Summer started to look like a promisingly warm day at the Oregon Coast. So, we packed the car with seats and towels (more for wind protection, 'coz nobody in their right mind goes into the chilly waters of the Pacific ocean, except a toe or two, LOL! :)

We had a wonderful time, sat outside overlooking the Ocean for lunch and even got to go inside the house on the beach we will be renting later this year, YAY!!!

Here are a few photos from the first Day of Summer on the Oregon Coast :)

Click on photos to see larger images :)

Pic. I took of my Son on the way to the Beach :)

A shot of  Haystack Rock from the outdoor patio of the "Pelican" Pub.

View of the Pacific Ocean from the outdoor patio of the "Pelican" Pub.

Cape Kiwanda's BIG Sand Dune! (The "kids" LOVE to climb this! )

Part of the BIG Sand Dune overlooking the Tidal Pools

There are always surfers at Pacific City, I think one just went under as I took this shot, oops!

See those few little specs.(not the really little ones they are foot prints He! He!)  they are people, that is how BIG this Sand Dune is, you can just see on the bottom right someone running down it :)

Tidal Pools :)

Haystack rock as the Marina layer starts to form and we start to shiver.

Now it started to get chilly and out came the towels, the beach cleared really quickly, but rarely do the beaches get really crowded :)

A couple of shots taken about 30 miles on our return journey looking back the Coastal Range and the Marina layer.

I hope you enjoyed our little trip to the Oregon Coast :)

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Have a lovely Weekend! :)

Happy Painting/Creating! :) T.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

1,000 Treasuries on ETSY :)


Today, is a very special day for me in the land of ETSY (I Think anyway!) 

My Photography has now been in over 1,000 Treasuries on ETSY (the e-commerce site) YAY!!! 

If these Treasuries make it to the Front Page of ETSY you get a lot more views and potential sales :)

I have made it to the front page 3 times in the past 8 months which has boosted views if not sales.  

But I did actually sell 3 Photos this week, so I am a happy camper!:)

Here are a few new Photos in my ETSY shop :)

"Dreamy" Hosta Flowers :)

Hope you all have a lovely Weekend and stay cool :)

Happy Painting/Creating! :) T.