Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Is it Summer Yet?!?!?!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

I know most of North America is sweltering but here in the Pacific Northwest we are still waiting for the Summer to start, we were teased with some unusually nice weather over the 4th July Holiday Weekend and then it has been very gloomy ever since. :(

Anyway before you ask, No, I haven't been in the witness protection programme or travelling the world taking stunning photos (in my dreams :)

What I have been doing is going on a little vaca, where, believe it or not, My Hubby and I ended up having a rather heated argument with some really rude, noisy, inconsiderate neighbouring guests and then the equally rude inconsiderate B. & B. owners and having to move from where we had been staying and looking for somewhere else to stay at Midnight, Oh Joy! Actually, once we had calmed down, it was a much nicer location! Whew! Disaster averted! And no lives were lost, YAY!

As with most Summers, the population of our home rises and falls with the tides. One Son was leaving as the other was returning from college and interim visits from their sister to celebrate B.Day etc., has kept me busy with the very exciting chores of lots of laundry, cleaning and cooking :)

Although, everyone helped with the cooking, so some great family meals with lots of conversations, fun and consumption of wonderful wines made for lovely memories. :)

People refer to us as "Empty Nesters" but I do not see anything empty about this nest, yet! (He! He!)

Anyway, in amongst the fun and games of teaching my Son to cook before he returns to college, of course he has the basics down, like picking up the phone to order pizza or chinese food, making mac and cheese, mash potatoes and walk across the street to the 24 hours Taco Bell (He! He!) I have actually managed to take a few photos, so before I forget and go back into the witness protection programme, I thought you might like to see some of them :)

Click on the photos to see larger images :)

Mauve Rose from my Garden :)

Fuchsias (hanging basket in my garden) SOOC

Birds on a Wire, I have been wanting to take a shot like this for a long time :)

Poppies (SOOC)

Lovely Rose, in my garden (SOOC)

Snowball Bush in my garden :)



Swinging At The Fair :)

Snowball Bush, with a little colour change :)

Wisteria in my garden (SOOC)

Aster in my garden (SOOC)

Poppies in Southern Oregon (SOOC)

Peony in my Garden :)

More Birds on Wires as the Sunsets :)

I hope you are all having a wonderful Summer and staying cool :)

Happy Painting/Creating! :) T.


Meeling said...

Lovely pics T!! Love the wishes one. :-) Glad to know that you aren't in the witness protection program...I was starting to wonder. ;-)

Sounds like a fun and busy time with family in/out of the house. Yuk about the rude guests...I can't stand things like that, but thankfully it all turned out well.

We are HOT here in So Cal...:-( I'm not loving it a whole lot, but at least the nights are still cool.

Glad to you have you back!!

Happy Wednesday!

Honkus Grogana said...

What gorgeous photos! Fuschias are one of my very favorite flowers. We had the most lush hanging pot of them once-- they were bright hot pink and dark purple.

These days, I think empty nests are declining rapidly! The offspring tends to come back!

Annette said...

Welcome back T., I'm so happy to see you! Isn't it funny how the grown kids comings and goings can keep us busier than when they were home! And it's exhausting too, lol!! The photos are just beautiful as ever. I love the fuschia. Sorry you had to deal with such rude people but glad you found a nice place to stay. I wish I could send some of our hot summer your way! :)

JacBer said...

Poppies are fab. And I love the fairground swing, what a brilliant photo :-)

Good that you had a nice hol, hope the weather warms up for you soon, we'll be sitting in front of the heater for a few more moths yet (trying to make you feel a bit better :-D)

Almost Precious said...

T – Welcome back. Sorry I didn’t get over to your blog sooner but for the past few days I’ve been emerged in a beading tutorial. Well, more like drowning in it! I now have a new and very high admiration for those who do these tutorials as I’ve found out they are intensely time consuming and difficult.

I’ve missed seeing your blog postings of your gorgeous photos so it is wonderful to see this fresh new gallery that you've presented to us. Do love, love, love that pale pink fuchsia photo, it would be divine in a treasury. How about a treasury called "Ballet in Pink", as fuchsias always remind me of little ballerinas with their fluffy tutus?

Sorry to hear you vacation was dampened by rude and inconsiderate hotel guests and an equally rude B & B owner but sounds like you found an even nicer and better place to stay. Too bad that the B & B obviously didn’t get the fact that they had lost a customer for life and also lost any possibility that you would ever recommend their establishment to any of your friends !

keithchip said...

I love the colors of the poppies and the wishes/fireworks. Do you have any photos of an empty nest? I haven't seen one yet.....

My Life Under the Bus said...

hEY T. GORGEOUS as always!!! It's been sweltering here - like heat index 110! It's freaking New England for Gods sake! Your not missing anything - really! I read something that said The north west gets about 78 minutes of summer! You might have used it al up already.

Maureen Cracknell Handmade said...

Gorgeous pics! The Fuscia and the Poppies are my favorites!!!

Charlotte said...

I love the first photo!! So beautiful. Hope the cooking lessons are going well!

Sharon said...

The fuchsias--how exquisite they are. Great photo!

Mary said...

i looove the hanging fuschias...I wish I had those! They're so photogenic..The birds look like starlings. They are pretty cool, and have lots of personality- they can even talk!- but they do bully other birds a little..
If you want a laugh, sometime, go on and look up "talking Starling" and you will see people who keep them as pets and they talk. LOL!

Maureen Cracknell Handmade said...

As always, lovely photos!!!

Mary V said...

I came back again to say hello! :)
Love your Autumnish Etsy shop! I need to get mine going again soon...