Saturday, June 18, 2011

Names for Baby Beckham.

Hi Everyone, hope you are all doing well! :)

I read or heard somewhere that Victoria Beckham is rumoured to have scheduled a C. Section in America on the 4th of July for the delivery of her 4th child presumed to be a Girl and I thought it would be fun to come up with some name selections for her.
With 3 boys called Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz,  I thought I might offer a few names to help the Beckhams if they are struggling to make a decision on what to call their expected little girl  "Baby Becks".

Here is my list so far,


1). Juliet,

2). America,

3). Star,

4). Queenie,

5). Firework,

6). Spangle,

7). L.A.,

8). Sparkle,

9). Princess,

10). Galaxy, 

11). Red,

12). White,

13). Blue,

14). Malibu,

15). Hollywood,

16). Glitter,

17). Feather,

18). Tutu,

19). Ocean,

20). Washingtonia,

21). Westminterina,

22). Of course my fav. would have to be POPPY (He! He! :)

(Unaltered image of my POPPIES in my Garden, yesterday, thought you might like to see this one :)

Also, I think middle names would have to be Michelle (Obama) and Catherine (Duchess of Cambridge)

So, what do you think the Beckhams should call their soon to arrive Baby?????

Please feel free to add your Baby name suggestions in the comments, :)

Have a Lovely Weekend!

Happy Painting/Creating! :) T.


keithchip said...

It may be way to conventional, but how about Elizabeth (as Mommy is Victoria)? Other suggestions might be Sam -antha (as in Uncle), Littleposh, Poshette etc..

berrybluecreations said...

Berry Blue Beckham has a nice ring to it :)

JacBer said...

I vote for Kate since they went to the wedding of the new royal couple.

I think Kate Galaxy Beckham is pretty cool
(KGB lol!) :-)

My Life Under the Bus said...

LOL! Hmmm they've got a Brooklyn why not Queens , Bronx or Westchester? hahahaha now I can't wait to find out!

Almost Precious said...

Lots of great suggestions here T, but guess we will all just have to wait and see. Who knows she might surprise us all and name her Vicky (or one of its many spelling deviations).

Clare said...

how funny! I love your suggestion of Westminterina. I mean, come on, she's gotta love that one! :D

Annette said...

She really named a boy Brooklyn???!!!

Well, how about
Rodeo (for Rodeo Drive)
and the list could go on....

Jenni @ RainyDayGardener said...

Great post idea T! I think poshette is, although, some of your favorite names are fun! I'm gonna say 'Angel' is going to be in there somewhere, for Los Angeles. Never know...teehee

Meeling said...

Should be fun to see...I like unusual names for the most part...I haven't exactly got your run of the mill name. ;-)

Poppy would be most lovely though...totally agree! :-)

mywifesstudio said...

How about Libby (Liberty)? Hope you are staying dry during out wet spring. I hear they are teasing use with an 80 degree day on Weds. Evie

French Revelation said...

Too funny T!
After reading your list I think you've got a good chance of being right.

Maybe they'll be totally left of centre and name the baby something common like .......... Jane!!

Mary said...

Oh my gosh..this is funny!!! Sparky? lol. Fireball! just kidding. I think Poppy works, like the sound fireworks make, you know? hehe. I'm so out of the celebrity loop...I need to get back into it!

Almost Precious said...

And so she surprises us all, pretty much anyway, with the name of Seven. Well guess as the baby was just over 7 lbs, was born just after 7 o'clock, on the 7th month, along with a few other 7's, it all fits in. Harper's a cute name also. Sort of like the magazine Harper's Bazaar. :D

T@PoppyPlacePdx said...

Yep, I think she did surprise us all. :)

I still think "Poppy Seven" would have been better (He! He!)

I guess "Seven" was David's soccer jersey number too!

Have a lovely Monday, T. :)

Maureen Cracknell Handmade said...

LOl, you are so funny! I kind of like Poppy myself! ; )