Thursday, June 2, 2011

It's Crazy Blogger! :(

Hi Everyone! :)

Blogger has been challenging the past few weeks!
And now,
I can post but I can't comment not even on my own blog, go figure! I am working on it but being the computer challenged person that I am :(  I will be waiting 'til my sweet Hubby has time to help me work it out, well, he will work it out and then I can comment again (He! He!).

I have tried to comment on so many blogs time and time again, I am beyond frustrated. Please bare with me. I will catch up as soon as I can. :)

Here are a few new photos to cheer your spirits while I work this out and if anyone has any clues as to why I am having so much trouble with Blogger please let me know, cheers, T. :)

"Blushing" multi layering photos is just so much fun :)

"Cool Blue" lovely close up of Wisteria :)

"Hypnotic Rhoddie" a little colour enhancement here! :)

"Columbine Beauty" gave this a little afternoon sun warm glow.

One of my photos of the Golden Gate Bridge with a layer of Bokeh over the top, I LOVE how it turned out :)

Hopefully I will be back soon commenting away on your wonderful blogs, until then enjoy! :)

Happy Painting/Creating! :) T.


JacBer said...

Ooo Cool Blue is pretty!
It's my first day of being able to comment - yay :-)

Meeling said...

LOVE that top photo T...lovely colors!!

I know isn't Blogger just so frustrating lately...some moments it lets me comment and others not...argh!!

Hope you're having a nice week.

keithchip said...

Blogger seems to be out of control for some reason. Love the "blushing" flowers!

shellie said...

hey T when you go to make a comment and it tells you to resign in put your info in and uncheck the box that says keep me signed in. When i did that all my commenting problems went away. Also did you install internet explorer 9? its a beta version which means it doesnt have all the bugs worked out of it so i had to take it off and go back to 8. I hope that helps! shellie....oh yeah and that picture is gorgeous!

shellie said...

try the unchecking the keep me signed in box first. I had to have my husband do the unloading of internet 9.

Jenni@ RainyDayGardener said...

The golden gate bridge picture is cool! Sorry you are having blogger boggles..a lot of people are. Hope it smooths out! Cheers Jenni

Victoria said...

Sorry to hear you're still having troubles! :( I don't know much about computers either, but it sounds like an odd problem, I wonder if it's Blogger itself? I hope it's fixed soon!

(p.s. I really like your multilayered photo! It adds a neat effect, and really makes it stand out from the others.)

French Revelation said...

One reason I'm glad I don't have a blog anymore is because of all the hiccups and annoyances. Hang in there I'm sure it will be fixed sooner rather than later.
Absolutely love that first photo T - so pretty.

Hope you're well

T@PoppyPlacePdx said...

Thanks everyone for your kind words :)

Cheers to Shellie and Jenni for the info. both your remedies helped.

I will be along to your blogs soon to comment, cheers, T. :)

Almost Precious said...

T, your enhanced photography is exceptional, the "Blushing" looks so much like a watercolor painting it made me look twice. Love it !!!

Between Google Blogger's problems and IE 9, it seems a lot of us have been having internet migraines. My old pc has been acting up for awhile (it is over 7 years old, in computer age that's ancient) and one of its problems is it can't cope with all the "stuff" I have on it. Not enough storage left. Looks like I'll be getting a new pc as upgrading the storage capacity on the old unit isn't worth the investment and the old pc would probably crash soon afterwards ... did I mention it is over 7 years old ? :D
Unfortunately that means I'll have to have IE 9 as that is what the new pc will come with, hope they have all the quirks worked out by then.

My Life Under the Bus said...

Ugh IE 9!!! I had IE 8 for 5 minutes and it didn't get along with anything!

Beautiful photos T esp the first and the rhoddi! Lets see if I can comment....


Annette said...

I use Chrome instead if IE and I didn't have any problems with blogger!

The photos are beautiful! I like the first and last ones best!! :)

kelli g. { bug miscellany } said...

oooh i love that hypnotic rhoddie!

ugh, blogger is so lame sometimes. it's been really hit or miss lately.

hope you get all the kinks worked out!

Clare said...

I love "blushing" and "columbine beauty"! really gorgeous :)