Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Recovering From The Weekend!

Happy Tuesday Everyone :)

This is what I needed to do to recover from the weekend!!!!!

So, without having to pay a fortune on psychotherapy to recover from this weekend's event (local Art Show and Sale, well, way more showing than selling) I went thru a little self talk, yep, I am the crazy lady who talks to herself :)

1). I might not have sold much but nobody else did either! (OK, so all the guys did but that was it, so I didn't take it personally) PHEW!

But I do need to investigate this sexist thing! (Might have to spend a little psychotherapy cash on that one :(

2). Regardless of what the "powers that be" keep telling us that the recession is over,  in the trenches we know that it is FAR from over. People are still hurting and bargains (I mean ridiculously low prices) are wanted EVERYWHERE or people are not buying. Luxury and Non essential items are out and ART and Photography fits into both of those categories. Bummer! :(

3). I got to hang out with some other Artisans and see some great work and be inside in a cozy well lit room while it poured with rain and was cold and miserable outside.

4). My Hubby came over to watch over my booth while I went home to have a nap! :) Yep, I could never last a whole day, at anything without my NAP!

5). I didn't spend all Weekend on the Computer :)

6). I learnt a lot of valuable stuff, like really know what you are getting yourself into, sounds simple in hindsight but.................

Anyway, putting that behind me, I have decided to have a SALE in my Photography Shop on ETSY!

50% off everything in my Photography Shop 'til  22nd Nov. :)

So, check it out you might find a photo for that hard to buy for person in your life. :)

And to end on a High Note or 2, I would really like to thank my Blogger Buddy WIND who bestowed on me the  "Best Virtual Friend Award" last week. If you haven't seen her photography you are really missing something awesome. You can check it out HERE!

And Last but by no means least, I want to Thank my Blogger Buddy Kelli, from Bug Miscellany Blog who has to be one of the Sweetest people on the planet :)

She awarded me The Versatile Blogger Award last week and so,
 Here are 7 things about me;

1). I am a die hard Brit, living on the West Coast of America and yes, I love to drink tea and with a piece of cake, awesome! :)

2). Until recently I hadn't bought (or carried) a handbag for nearly 15 years. I did break down and buy a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag but I only use it when I travel.

3). I am a sucker for old movies esp. war movies.

4). I didn't own a Teddy Bear until I was 19!

5). I love to weight train when my health allows.

6). I want to learn how to fly a plane.

7). My son is the fourth generation of my family to be born in a different Country.

So, I would like to pass this on to all my Blogger Buddies who would like to participate. Just leave a comment with your 7 things about you or blog about it and leave me a comment with a link.

Happy Painting/Creating! :) T.


Southern Belle said...

1) I'm addicted to Sharpies
2) I love to travel
3) I can't sleep in silence
4) When it's dark & the lights are out, I still jump in bed. Hey, I don't want the monsters under to bed to get me :p
5) I got married when I was 21 (I'm currently 23)
6) I'm a child at heart (loving 90's cartoons & Disney movies)
7) I use to eat tomatoes as a child, but now I HATE them.

kelli g. { bug miscellany } said...

aww, no YOU are the sweetest. :)

i have to say, i run through nearly the same chat with myself after each show. this recession is SO not over! i'm doing another show this weekend, so i'm in 'pep talk' mode. this time i'm bringing some new, seriously low price stuff, so i'm hoping that will stimulate MY economy. LOL!

well done at selling at all! seriously. i've done some where i've sold not a thing. boo and hiss.

happy tuesday! hope you've recovered nicely. :)

Almost Precious said...

Congratulations on the awards, I can't think of a person or a blogger more worthy of them.

Understand about talking to yourself, I do it all the time. Occasionally my hubby catches me and asks me who I'm talking to. I tell him I'm talking to me as it's something that helps me sort things out. Don't think he believes me but he hasn't had me committed yet. LOL

Think numbers 3 and 5 on you Art Show and Sale list are priceless. :)

Plantress said...

well hi there. I recently did a sale where there were hardly any more people on the other side of the tables than there were behind them if that makes sense. I talk to myself at home and at work but at home I like to channel it through the dogs-as if THEY care. There is alot to learn at the shows but it is depressing packing all that product up and lugging it back home to dump on the table unsorted. bleh. How do folks make a living out of this? Happy Thanksgiving anyway. Hope you take it easy and put up your feet-have a cuppa. Here are 7 things
1. I love to sing
2. Joni Mitchell is a Godess
3. Gardening brings me closer to God
4. Etsy gets much more of my money than I make from my shop
5. Every day I have a salad and every afternoon I wonder why it gives me gas!
6. I am known for being blunt and outspoken
7. Humor is more important to me than money

Alice Istanbul said...

Sorry to hear that your show was disappointing :( Can't wait for the economy to pick up already! Hope you have a great week.

Pink Dandy Chatter said...

The show sounds like a bummer deal. But, you have wonderful photos!
I liked reading your "7 Things". Wouldn't it be amazing to learn how to fly?
Keep on truckin! I have a feeling you will be busy because of the holidays =)

Bethany Dirksen said...

I hate it when you put tons of effort into your business and feel like it was to no avail. I feel like my last sale was like that too. Better luck next time!

My Life Under the Bus said...

Oh I know who are these idiots saying things are better. My husband is in construction and had a severe pay cut 3 years ago and there's no sign of any of it coming back. Sorry you had a tough day.

Kelli is very sweet! I love her blog too.

Hmmmm seven things let's see;

1.I hide chocolate around the house.
2.Sometimes I forget WHERE I hide the chocolate around the house.
3.When I was younger I LOVED old movies especially Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers!
4.I am not especially sentimental but I love old Victorian sentimental jewelry - go figure.
5. In college I had a job testing rats - I had to time them running a maze ( poss most boring job EVER)
6.I like Vegemite - my friend from Australia got me hooked.
7.I love a good laugh - even if it's at my own expense.

Whew! * Waves to T.*

Wind said...

Wow, thank you very much!
I would like to say hello to all your friends!
Best regards from Romania!
I wish you a great week full of inspiration!

aquariann said...

Sorry to hear sales were poor, but glad the experience wasn't a complete bust. I haven't done a craft fair in quite awhile, and am trying to get up the courage to try an actual fairy festival in the hopes my work will sell better than at the local shows.

Yay for sweet hubbies, naps ... and gnomes!! ^.^

Annette said...

I'm sorry the show didn't turn out better for you. I know you worked hard and put in a lot of time and effort. What a sweetie your hubby is!!!

7 things
1) I was born on Mother's Day
2) I'm terrified of flying
3) I can't swim
4) I procrastinate really bad
5) I don't like coffee or coffee flavored anything
6) I really like the smell of coffee
7) I also have tea and cake or cookies or something sweet every day

Have a great day!! :)

shellie said...

1. i LOVE and drink unimagineable amounts jamine green tea and have a soft spot for earl grey as well...i must be secretly british or japanese
2. i love anime...i mean I REALLY LOVE IT...its embarrassing because i am so old but then who care?
3.my lack of sales in my etsy shop wreaks havoc on my self esteem
4.i ADORE cake but eat it rarely as i am usually disappointed
5.i bake like a bad ass mother you know what....maybe thats why i am so picky about cake?
6.i am pretty lazy
7.i wish i could live in an alternate universe for a day and get to kiss tadanobu asano....sssh dont tell my husband...hahahaaha

im sorry about your sales to be perfectly honest your photos are lovely...sometimes when im browsing through etsy i dont get some of the shops that sell like crazy...i know for myself that i could also sell block printed sayings...but thats not me and in general i think some of it is lame....but then you see sales sales and more sales and your like okay my work must be terrible but then i know thats not it and just keep plugging along to make the work i like and love....even though at times it does make me want to cry and give it all up...but i dont...i would imagine its somehwat the same for you too at times....your work is beautiful and you will keep working at it and on it....thats what makes you amazing...thats why i love coming here!

Clare said...

Oh, I know what you mean! Shows can be so exhausting and discouraging. We all should be in therapy :D The community can be great, though. I don't do many shows, but when I do I often feel like I've left with more artworld friends than income.

I've been hearing mixed reports about people buying at shows this year. I've heard there's been more traffic and sales compared to the last two years, but I'd venture to guess it's for lower priced items. Then again, who knows what's going on?

Well, I hope you are recovering well from the weekend :) And congratulations on the awards!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

I'm sorry to hear your show didn't turn out the way you wanted but it sounds like it wasn't a total bust.

Wind said...

Please have (you and your friends) a wonderful weekend!


Sharon said...

It is really a bummer to have a show like that, but agreed, it is cool to be hanging out with like-minded folks, and be away from the computer for a while.

1. I've had those same show experiences
2. and the same self pep-talk afterward.
3. I love to dance
4. and still love Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers movies.
5. Sometimes I even feel like I'm dancing like Ginger
6. when I am not feeling too sluggish from spending too much time at the computer, and
7. eating too many holiday goodies.


Frannie said...

Hi there,
Found your blog through Etsy. Sorry to hear about your show. I did my first the end of October....ALOT OF WORK.
1) I play classical music when I clean house.
2) I am a navy veteran
3) I hoard recipes
4) I love rusty old pick up trucks
5) I love the howl of a hound dog
6) Born on a Friday the 13th
7) I don't drink soda