Friday, May 7, 2010


This week has been a crazy week for me, good crazy, but I have been neglecting pretty much everything in prep for my kids coming home from college :) (YAY!) Yep, as much work as it is I am very happy they are coming home and we will get to spend most of the summer here in Oregon together.

Well, before I show you this week's Friday Flowers, I wanted to say Thank You to a few people who have been kind enough to share the love this week :)

First, thanks to Annette at So Many Memories Blog for blogging about my Vintage Etsy Shop Closing Sale :)

Thank you to Steve at Photo Grunt Blog for posting my Willamette Falls at Sunset photo on his blog :)

And, last but by no means least, thank you to Mary at WingsDove for including my photo Beautiful Bluebells in the Sunshine in her Bluebells and Buttercups Treasury, please go check it out it is really beautiful :)

So, I am very excited to show you this week's Friday Flowers which are some more of the lovely ground cover that is now flowering in my Garden :)

Click on images to get a larger image :)

Sun (YAY!) shimmering thru the oak tree creates gentle shadows :)

This beautiful Pink ground cover is "Soapwort" (not really a nice name for such a pretty flower is it?) "Saponaria Ocymoides" well that one sounds more like it :)

I love the happiness they exude, the little peeks of purple centers :)

Hey, Bluey you're surrounded :)

Very Pretty :)

" Ajuga" So much texture and deep colour :)

"Lithodora" Vivid Blue :)

I love Lithodora because it is an evergreen. So, even if there are no flowers I still get beautiful foliage in the middle of winter.

I love the define deeper blue lines that run thru them.

Technically a weed, I really enjoy having the "Common Blue Violet" in my garden but it does have a tendency to take over, pretty though.

This is a creeping Phlox. I took these photos one day in between rain showers and I love the little raindrops balanced in the petals :)

I really hope you enjoyed the mix of ground covers :)

There is still time to enter to win a beautiful Art Card by Sherri Pekks check the details here it is so easy to enter and if you missed the Q. & A. with her you should check it out on my blog :)

And also, there is still time to enter to win a beautiful Art print by Amy check the details here if you missed the Q. & A. with her you should check it out on my blog :)

Have a Wonderful Weekend. :) I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Mother's Day :)

Happy Painting/Creating! :) T.


Kathleen McGiveron said...

Following! Great blog!

know the art scene with

Annette said...

Very pretty indeed!

Happy Mother's Day!!! :)

Mami Made It said...

These flowers are so lovely!

The Lavender Daisy said...

Wonderful set of flowers! I like the one with the blue flower in the middle of the other flowers :) Hope you have a great Mother's Day weekend!

ArtSnark said...

sounds like a great week! wonderful photos too. Thanks for always popping by with a kind comment!Hope you have a happy Mother's day

cabin + cub said...

lovely flowers! hope you have a great mother's day weekend! ;)

Victoria said...

You must be so happy that your kids are coming home! I guess from our point of view we don't always think of the work that mothers do to make their nests lovely for us... we just fly right back in as though nothing ever changed, but we do appreciate it! I hope you enjoy your summer with them. :o)

My Life Under the Bus said...

Oh the colors are gorgeous !!! Enjoy your kids ! Happy Mothers Day !!!

Almost Precious said...

I can imagine how excited you must be about having your children come home for the summer. Wish I could be so lucky but mine are older than yours and they are all employed and busy working.

T, you must have such a lovely garden! Maybe some day, when I am out on the West Coast visiting my sisters in California, I can swing up and say hello and maybe, if I ask; "pretty please", you'll give me a tour of your beautiful garden. :)

M.M.E. said...

I'm so jealous of your flowers! It has been so cold here that almost nothing has bloomed.

Charlotte said...

Love the rain drops on the last photo! Happy Mothers day!