Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Holiday Fun!

It has been below freezing here in Portland for the past week and with the windchill, well let's just say it is a little nippy. But the sun is shining and being the outdoorsy people we are here in the Northwest we go out undeterred. This past Sunday my Hubby and I went to a local area in Portland, we love, called Sellwood. It was bustling, regardless of the chilly weather, and people, I think, were just enjoying being outdoors.

This horse (well 2 horses actually :) and carriage were a fun addition to the festive atmosphere. I managed to snap a few photos as it passed us by. The horses were so calm as they transported some very excited children and adults back and forth along the road. The sound of the sleigh bells was very magical, I guess we truly do associate that sound with the Holiday Season. :)

Hope you enjoy! :)

Happy Painting/Creating! :) T.


RaspberryKidz said...

Hi Teresa!
Great pictures...thanks for sharing them. And thanks for posting on my blog. : ) It's good to hear/read from you. I feel like I've been out of touch. I started a school magazine last year, and this year I started a new one that reaches 5 schools, so that has been taking up a lot of my time and energy. I'd love it if you checked it out. I have the new one posted at (just click on CPSxpress). It just got printed, and I will be distributing it next week.

Yes, it's hard to believe the semester is almost done. (there was a time near the beginning that I thought it would never end, it was going by so slow!). Your e-mails have helped keep me motivated and focused on the end result, so thank you for that!

It is also cold here, in Chicago. I hope you stay warm, and enjoy your holidays


cabin + cub said...

Oh that looks like so much fun! Bundled with a big blanket and a hot chocolate, that would be a great holiday treat! :)

Fern said...

Ooo... I'd love to be the one sitting in the carriage :) What lovely ride. I love the sound of sleigh bells. I'm off to enter your giveaway.