Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thankful Thursday :)

Good Afternoon all :)

Again I am joining My Blogger Buddy Annette at So Many Memories blog for "Thankful Thursday".

I LOVE the idea that we, at least for one day a week, stop and think consciously about what we are Thankful for :)

This week I am so Thankful we were able to go on Vacation this year :)

As the rain and cold sets in to the Pacific Northwest I wanted to share a few more of our photos from sunny Napa, California :)

click on photo for larger image :)

one of the popular places to eat in St. Helena the American Culinary Institute

couldn't resist taking a shot of this beautiful palm tree outside the ACI.

One of the popular spots to eat in St. Helena for tourists and locals alike, great outdoor burger place. Taylors has Onion rings to die for :)

Taylors :)

Hurley's is my Fav. restaurant in Napa Valley, consistently good food and service :)

Patio is beautifully surrounded by these lovely flowers :)

and Heart shaped cookies :)

my Fav. cocktail at Hurley's :)

If you are in Yountville you have to check out Thomas Kellers Bouchon Bakery :)

More Macaroons Yum! :)

photos of the lake at Chateau Montelena

What can I say, we can't really get Palm Trees to grow in P.Town, so I like to have photos of them :)

Here is the beautiful Swan on the Lake at Chateau Montelena :)

Don't forget to pop over and visit Annette at So Many Memories to see what she is Thankful for today :)

What are you Grateful for Today???

Hope you all had a wonderful Day! :)

Happy Painting/Creating! :) T.


keithchip said...

I am grateful for going on the same vacation with you! Great memories and a wonderful down time. Got to make the most of those. Thanks for all the photos.

Annette said...

We haven't had a real vacation in years...just long weekends away. But I'm thankful for those! I'm fascinated with palm trees since we don't have them here!

Meeling said...

Gorgeous pics!!

I haven't been to Napa in's such a great place to visit!!
I'm longing for a vacation, but I know it will be a while with our work schedules. That's when it pays to have a good imagination!

This week I'm thankful for a busy but productive work week. Preparing for Thanksgiving next much to be thankful for!

And seeing my son, who is a super hard worker have that hard work pay off!!

Have a great evening and do pop by and see my new finally went up! :-)

Almost Precious said...

Beautiful photos T, the ones taken a night are phenomenal. Sometimes we think there is little to be thankful for but when we tally up all the wonderful little things in life we realize that we have so many blessings it is hard to count them all. :)

Jenni @ RainyDayGardener said...

I'm thankful I'll already know someone in my new neighborhood next year. I've enjoyed your vacation pics!

Charlotte said...

Officially graving Gotts, formally known as Taylors now that I saw your photo....YUMMY! Love the swans and macaroons too!

T@PoppyPlacePdx said...

Thanks for all the awesome comments, you guys :)

Yep, C, I am craving those Gotts onion rings right now (He! He!) T.