Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thankful Thursday :)

Good Afternoon all :)

Again I am joining My Blogger Buddy Annette at So Many Memories blog for "Thankful Thursday".

 I LOVE the idea that we, at least for one day a week, stop and think consciously about what we are Thankful for :)

Foothills Park, Lake Oswego, Oregon.

"Walkway to Water" Ramp leading to dock at Foothills Park, Lake Oswego, Oregon.

I am truly Thankful that we have beautiful parks around us, like this one, to go for walks, to play, see beautiful views and take some time to reflect. :)

Don't forget to pop over and visit Annette at So Many Memories to see what she is Thankful for today :)

Hope you all have a wonderful Day! :)

Happy Painting/Creating! :) T.


keithchip said...

I am thankful for family, your blog, and some sunny days among the gloom of winter - and parks of course.

Jenni @ RainyDayGardener said...

I have never been to that park! Hm, might need to put it on the list next year. So beautiful! I hope you're having a great week.
I'm definitely going to be visiting your gardens next have such beautiful plants growing and I definitely need a Passion Flower!!
Cheers, Jenni

Annette said...

The fall color is beautiful. We went to a local park twice this past week to take a walk. I'm thankful for them too!

Jaime Haney aka ArtsyFartsy.Me said...

So pretty and what a unique perspective on the second picture. Great work T!

Happy Halloween weekend!
xx Jaime

Ajax said...

I've got to check that park out, I'm still new to Portland, thanks for the heads up!

Meeling said...

Gorgeous photos T!!

Parks are wonderful aren't they? Soothing to the soul.

This week I'm thankful for my hubby who came home after being out of town for a house feels back to normal! :-)

Soccer playoffs...because it makes me happy to see my son soooo excited about something. :-)

And silly as it may seem...little fun size candy bars that seem to be everywhere as Halloween approaches. :-D Yum!

Almost Precious said...

It's a beautiful park and I love that second photo ! Very unique perspective and makes one stop and study it, which is what art should do.

Sharon said...

I've never been to this park. I'll have to check it out! Cool walkway photo!

Mary V said...

When I first got my camera, I finally discovered some of the local parks here in RI that I had for some reason ignored in the past. So I'm thankful that my camera helps me appreciate the simple things like that. :)

aquariann said...

After visiting Williamsburg, The Ogre and I want to see more parks in the coming year. Yours are beautiful!!

Also, I'm happy to see you're getting back to blogging. I'd love to see you participate in Wordless Wednesday with your amazing photographs.

Charlotte said...

Love the walkway to water! Makes me want to walk over it right now!