Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal Wedding Fever - Pop Quiz - Part 4

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Well, if you missed what this is all about you can check it out HERE!

But basically, I am hosting a quick fun pop quiz, relating to the Royal Wedding, everyday this week and the person who answers the most questions correctly by the end of the week will win THIS!

"Lovely Pink Peony" by Teresa Chipperfield

This beautiful Spring photo is an 8" x 10" in a black 11" x 14" matt board that really makes the beautiful Pinks POP! (ready for framing :)

So, join the fun, here are Today's questions;

(and FINAL ones, 'coz ya know I am going to be in front of the box watching the Wedding and every last detail tomorrow He! He!)
1). Where will Kate and William live starting off their married life?
2). Who will design Kate's Wedding dress? (yes, this is a guess and go answer :)
3). What will William wear at his Wedding ceremony? (again, guess and go:)
4). Name 6 Famous people you think might be at the Royal Wedding (not including Royals or the Beckhams, we know they have been bragging about this forever! :)
5). How many horse drawn carriages does the Queen own and where are they housed?
6). In 1981 Princess Diana confused Prince Charles's name at their vows and said "Phillip Charles Arthur George" What is the name Kate is going to have to say in her vows to William?
Write your answers in the comment section and I will announced the winner on Friday, Please share this too! Have fun! Good Luck! :)
Well, there it is, the last set of questions, I will check answers tomorrow and announce the winner on Saturday :)

Enjoy the Wedding :)
Happy Painting/Creating! :) T.


~The Bargain Babe said...

Uh. I think Kate will wear Alexander McQueen. No idea on William.

I think the queen has 200 horse drawn carriages.

6 famous people who might be at the wedding:
Ozzie and Sharon Osbourne
JK Rowling

That's all I've got! :)
(Stopping by from etsy blog team)

Meeling said...

These are hard!!
1. I have no the palace?
2. Vera Wang...she always seems to design famous weddings
3. A suit I'm hoping! ;-)
4. I have no idea...I've heard the Beckhams mentioned a million times.
5. 6 and probably at some royal stables?
6. I don't know his full proper name.

Jenni@ RainyDayGardener said...

Oh darn this is getting tough!
1) N. Wales
2) Stella McCartney
3) I dunno, Ralph Lauren
4) Richard Branson, Elton John, Guy Richie, Mr. and Mrs Becks...I know you already know that, and frankly I think Chris Martian and Gwen Paltrow would be nice additions.
5) no idea
6) Prince William

Annette said...

I'm going to be watching too! I should be in bed so I will be up by 4am!

Charlotte said...

Just finish watching the wedding. Was beautiful! many feet long was the red carpet?? ;)

Almost Precious said...

Well I've been "MIA" lately as far as blogging goes. So by now the wedding was a Royal success and everybody is filled with wonderful and vivid memories of a joyous occasion and a parade of wild and wacky hats ! :D There were a few that I couldn't believe the person actually paid to have them made up ... you'd have had to have paid me to wear them. LOL !

JacBer said...

Darn it - and there I thought I could go back and answer :-D

I hope that you enjoyed the wedding, we're still unpacking and didn't get to see it all - luckily it has been recorded!