Friday, March 25, 2011

I Think Spring is Here!

Happy Friday Everyone!

It is officially Spring YAY! (But of course it is still raining here in the PNW and has been every day but one in March so far, oh lucky us! :(

But this intrepid Photographer (He! He!) could stand it no long, hopped into her SUV and went out determined to take photos in between the down pours :)

I wanted to share with you what I found :)

Well, first here are a couple of shots I took at home, these are some of the Roses from my Birthday Bouquets :)

Oh, it is definitely time for a Tea Party (could we do a virtual one!)

I LOVE the paint stroke feature on Paintshop but just for playing around :)

This Bluebell shot (above) is from last year but I decided to cropped it a bit (below) What do you think?

This Buddleia shot is also from last year. I have been experimenting a little with Photoshop, I have it on trial right now and just added a warmer filter, I like it.

And then I hit the road :)


I think you can tell it is overcast but it gives a lovely background to these Magnolia Buds :)

Added a warmer filter :)

These 2 are from last year. I cropped them as I wanted to see what a longer narrower format would look like and then I added a little redder colour to one and a little sepia tone to the other :)

Original Shot!

Then cropped and a warmer filter added. Can't decided which I like the best.

I LOVE these old suitcases, they were in a window display in downtown P.Town!

These Daffs look like they are trying to escape :)

I LOVE this fence, the pattern and textures, amazing. It must stretch for 3/4 of a mile or more around this property.

This just cracked me up. You can tell they have been "Just Hanging Around" for a long time 'coz they have grassing growing out of them :)

Then I went to the park and took some shots of the trees reflected in the water (just as it started to rain again!)   

Added a little red tone to all 3 of these at different levels, I like them but.........

I like this one in sepia tones the best :)

And just to prove that occasionally the Sun does shine in Oregon I grabbed my camera and took a shot of the brave Daffs in my Garden (yep, that is a bit of blue sky there in the background in between those white fluffy things :)

Let me know what you think! :)

Hope you all have a lovely Weekend!

Happy Painting/Creating! :) T.


Almost Precious said...

T - what lovely photos ! The ones of the dried rose and pretty china teacups would be perfect on a "Thinking of You" card.

My favorite, though it was not in the same league as the pretty blossoms, was the pair of old shoes...too bad that no one filled them with potting soil and planted some daffodils in them. How cute would that be? Well perhaps a little too cutesy. :D

Okay - had to click edit as I couldn't pass this up. My word verification was medicar, guess someone is trying to subtlety rub it in that I turned 65 on my last birthday. LOL

Meeling said...

Lovely photos!!!

I'm up for a tea party! :-)

I love the fence shot...great architectural detail....and those "escaping" daffodils...too funny!

Hope you have a great weekend...even if it is wet. If it's any consellation, it's wet and damp and kinda icky here in So Cal too!!!

I'm ready for some sun and that's not something we have to say often here.

mywifesstudio said...

I can't chose T, they are wonderful.

However, I think you too have spring fever!!!

Right now it's not raining in Milwaukie, guess Trixie and I'll take a walk around the neighborhood and see what have been happening.

Have a great weekend!

Julie said...

Lovely! I love the leaving photo the best. :)

I follow you through my main blog and am just starting another blog. Hoping for a follow back on my new DIY Jewelry Finding Molds, Fondant and Polymer Clay Molds ~ Tutorial blog. :)

Tina S said...

fantastic! What fun playing around with the photoshop settings.

I adore Buddleia -- i first saw it it Ireland, where they call it Butterfly Bush. I thought it was lilac for the longest time! It smells like heaven.

Stitching in Circles on Etsy

shellie said...

love the buddleia and magnolias....i know im happy for spring too and its been raining a lot here too!

Jaime Haney aka ArtsyFartsy.Me said...

lovely photos as usual my friend! Spring has hit the road here today. We had sleet! phooey!

Anonymous said...

Love it! Just the inspiration I needed :)


Annette said...

Oh, I was hoping to see flowers!! Both photos of the bluebells are stunning! The boots crack me up too! It's always fun to see how you edit your photos!

Jenni said...

Ok, the boots hanging off the fence photo is darling!! I love it, feels to PNW to me :) I really liked the warmer version of the magnolia buds too. Of course, I love all of your work! I hope you have a great week, this weekend has been soggy and a bit windy too! Cheers, Jenni

MAB Jewelry said...

The faded flowers are just as gorgeous as the fresh ones, and those grassy boots are fab. Come on, Spring!

keithchip said...

The deep blue of the bluebells is great and the suit cases look like they have many stories to tell. I love the fact that all of the photos capture the imagination and stimulate many thoughts!

Annie said...

love, love, love the magnolia buds and the daffodils peeking through the fence... oh and the grassy boots! Wish the sun would show itself a little more, beautiful photos though!

Charlotte said...

Love the boots and the suitcases! I also love that spring is here. Finally warm here again!

aquariann said...

Absolutely gorgeous flower captures! It's been constantly raining here, boo hoo. I want to get a closer look at the spring blooms, but the weather is just not cooperating. It's not even warm enough to dance in the rain. :(