Saturday, September 25, 2010

"Integrate My Circuits" :)

Happy Saturday Everyone!

I missed Friday Flowers yesterday but they will be back next week I'm not done yet  :)

If you missed last week's FRIDAY FLOWERS you can see the Happy Sunflowers and the "WATCH" Cat HERE :)

I wanted to share with you one of my pieces of Artwork that I have hanging in a local business right now.

(Click on photos to see larger images)

"Integrate My Circuits" (4' x 5')

I love how the spotlights bounce off this piece creating a powerful reflective light from the foils and gold leaf.

Here is the description of this piece that I wrote for my Etsy posting :)

This artwork is a swirl of connectedness. Layers of multi coloured paper, vivid acrylics and electronic components all come together in an ensemble piece.

I love to place everyday objects in my artwork. This time it is electronic components thanks to my Hubby the Engineer. Yes, who would have thought an Engineer and an Artist could be compatible??

The playful movement of the acrylic paint connecting the components, overlapping the many textural papers, brings to mind the connectedness we all need, desire and cherish in our lives and on this planet.

"Integrate My Circuits" starts, like so many of my pieces, first with the strong textural layer of gesso. Next I placed a C.D. in the centre (corny I know!) as they were constantly arriving in the mail a few years ago and I knew I would use it one day, maybe not in the way it was intended! Then the multi layers of coloured paper (symbolic of office?) Next the randomness of the electronic components plus the acrylic paint trying to link it all together.

"Integrate MY Circuits" is created on a 60 x 48 unframed canvas with wrapped sides.


"Integrate MY Circuits" is an original work of art, it is signed on the front and back, this art piece has not been copied or reproduced in any way.

This was such a fun piece to create, I love working big, I love working with found objects, I love using mixed media and I love finding a way to make the connections in my work.  

I hope you enjoyed this :)

Have a Lovely Weekend :)

Happy Painting/Creating! :) T.


Almost Precious said...

It looks like you had fun creating this piece and that you are connected with it in the way artists are connected with their ideas and their art. I can imagine it is a very impressive piece with viewed in real life and at full scale ... beautifully creative, imaginative and totally awesome !

How cool, my word verification is "WORKS", guess that works for me. :D

Bethany Dirksen said...

That sucker is huge! Thanks for sharing, I like seeing your paintings and hearing the back story of them. The metallic components are especially nice. I have used some metallic paints a few times and it really changes the character of a painting.

Gina said...

this is SOO cool!!

i'll have to check this out on etsy.

i suspect i may not be able to afford it though, we'll see ;)

Gina said...

my suspicions have been confirmed!

perhaps one day....

i posted about your shop on my blog.
I love the button heart photo.
Now thats some art i CAN afford :)

Victoria said...

Amazing! For all the mechanical parts you used, this has a wonderfully organic look. I just want to keep staring at it!

My Life Under the Bus said...

It looks like you've been enjoying yourself ! I love when people describe their own work and thought process. Bravo T. !!!

Annie said...

wow!! I love it!!!!

Gallery32 said...

This is interesting. I like the way you have integrated everyday objects and made it cohesive. Thanks for sharing :)

Charlotte said...

Looks great hanging on the light! This piece is so creative, I love it!

kelli g. { bug miscellany } said...

that's so cool! i LOVE 'found object' art. ;) what kind of business is it hanging in?

you can TOTALLY use the "mystery box" idea! the reason i did it is cause i'd love to win a suprise box, so lemme know when you do and i'll enter. ;)

i WILL do a post about the contents of the box, but only after Diana's received it. wouldn't want to spoil the surprise now! :P

happy (ugh) monday!