Friday, July 16, 2010


Happy Friday Everyone!

The Sun is Shining and I am really enjoying sitting in the garden having lunch and reading a book. YAY! for Sunshine. :)

Before I show you my Friday Flowers, I wanted to share a few fun things with you. :)

First I want to say a BIG "THANK YOU" to Kelli at bug miscellany blog for giving me the Sunshine blog award. That was so lovely. Check out her blog She is a sweetie :)


I wanted to Thank Sue at At first Light blog for including our photo "Welcoming Red Door" (Below) in her lovely blog post today about HOMES

If you have a min. check out the blog post I did yesterday for my Photo team Female Photographers of Etsy it is a beautiful collection of Dancing photos HERE!

One more thing, I now have 101 followers on my blog When T. Rules The World, it is my way of having fun and practicing for being Queen (He! He!) Thanks to everyone who shares the fun :)

And now for this week's Friday Flowers! I call this my "cheating garden" Every year I buy 6 or 7 hanging baskets. I know it is pretty indulgent but I get by with telling myself these are my Mother's Day prezzies to myself. :)

I hope you Enjoy them! :)

These look so wonderful with the yellow of the house as a backdrop :)

I really hope you enjoyed my Friday Flowers! :)

Have a Wonderful Weekend :)

Happy Painting/Creating! :) T.


cabin + cub said...

Congrats on the award!!! Hope you have a great weekend! ;)

Pink Dandy Chatter said...

I love the last picture with the pink flowers...they are beautiful!

readingsully2 said...

I sure did. :)

mywifesstudio said...

T, beautiful pictures!!! Hope you are enjoying our sunshine. I know we have! I checked out the falls today as I crossed the old OC/WL bridge what a difference a few weeks makes. Thanks for sharing your pictures!! Evie

Bethany Dirksen said...

Love the one with the light purple flowers next to the bright pink. Great details.

Seriously love that red door photo as well. Love the color blocking with the yellow, red, and green.

andrea creates said...

Beautiful baskets of flowers!!
I love fuschias-they're one of my favorite flowers :)
Thanks for stopping by~

My Life Under the Bus said...

Really lovely - I used to buy these every year too and I miss them ! Thanks for the show : )

soulflower said...

the fuchsias are absolutely stunning...they remind me of mother used to grow them...

Melissa said...

So cheerful and bright!

kelli g. { bug miscellany } said...

let me tell you, friday flowers work pretty dang well on a monday, too.

thanks for brightening up an otherwise frustrating work day! :P

Almost Precious said...

Gorgeous photos ! Love the fuchsias.
Fuchsia are my all time favorites. Have tried too many times to grow them but the climate was never to their liking, either too hot, too dry, too sunny, too shady. They are very picky little ladies and really remind me of the quintessential Southern Belle in her antebellum gown sipping mint juleps with the colonel. Hmm, there goes my imagination...again !

Annette said...

I really was awed by the dancing photos! They would make an awesome treasury! The flowers are gorgeous. Pink and purple are my favorite color combo for flowers! :)