Friday, July 2, 2010


Happy Friday Everyone!

Although the rain has returned, hopefully briefly, to the N.W. it can't dampen our spirits today because we are celebrating a B.Day today, my son turns 19 :) Happy B.Day Sweetie :)

People have been so generous this week with sharing the Love! I am in 5 Treasuries on Etsy, so if you have a min. pop over and share some more Love too :)

1). DOORS By Jalinde
2). WINDOWS XP OR VISTA?!?!? By Mandala Magic1
3). HELP SAFE THE GULF COAST By Beat Up Creations
4). TRIBUTE TO AMERICA By Such a Pretty Dress

Thanks Guys this is awesome :)

And now to this week's Friday Flowers! :) All these are blooming in my Garden right now :)

I hope you enjoy them :)

Here are more of the Marigolds that have been coming back year after year for 20 years :)

I love how the light bounces off and thru these petals :)

This Passion Flower is a vigorous grower in the Summer but if you saw it every Winter you would think it was dead. We planted this for our daughter a few years ago, she first saw it in Amsterdam. We thought it would help hold on to some of the wonderful memories she experienced in her study abroad programme.

I love all the shapes and colours. They are beautifully whimsical.

Lupins to me are a very traditional English Summer Garden plant but only in purple and pink when I found these multi coloured ones a few years ago I just had to have a couple :)

Campanula, what is not to like about these, they are delicate, a beautiful Periwinkle Blue and just remind me of little Pixie Hats :)

I love Tiger Lillies, they are vivid and colourful and add a great POP to any Garden :)

My Peonies were gone before they started (because of all the rain) This was the only one I got to photograph and believe it or not this was kinda smushed on the ground, I am so pumped this came out so well, almost like a Georgia O'Keeffe. :)

Coreopsis are wonderful to have in the Garden, they are easy to grow and have such cheery little faces :)

I love them with Daisies growing near by, gives it that casual almost natural setting look.

And finally, Lavender in the elusive Sunshine :)

I really hope you enjoyed my Friday Flowers! :)

Have a Wonderful 4th of July Weekend. :)

Happy Painting/Creating! :) T.


MAB Jewelry said...

That Passion Flower is gorgeous. I've never seen one before. Lovley pictures as always. And happy birthday to your son.

Shrimp Salad Circus said...

Oh my gosh - that passion flower is incredible. I've never seen anything like it, and it's just completely gorgeous!!!

debi said...

You had a surprising stretch of good weather up there, (my daughter lives in Vancouver, WA). Your flowers are beautiful, thanks for sharing!

Diana said...

I love those lupins and the marigolds! My boyfriend's niece is named Marigold and it's such a cute name too!

Robin Charlotte Humphrey said...

that crazy purple one is GORGEOUS!!! i used to have vine that grew ones like that growing up...they sare stunning photos

glad i found you on etsy ;)

kelli g. { bug miscellany } said...

that passion flower is the CRAZIest looking flower i've ever seen! how neat!!
happy and safe fourth to you! :D

Annette said...

Congrats on the treasuries! I'm jus in awe of all your flowers. I look forward to this feature every week!! Have a wonderul and safe holiday weekend!! :)

Kawartha Beads said...

What a milestone bday for your "little" guy! I hope you have a great time! Congrats on all of your treasury mentions. PS. Want to come and look after my garden? Absolutely gorgeous!

ArtSnark said...

congrats on treasuries & birthday :) Looks like your flowers are loving the rain - Gorgeous pics (as always)

Sharon said...

Great photos! I've never seen lupin in those colors before.

Teddy Started It said...

It's so interesting to see your flowers in full bloom, when the season for so many of these has come and gone already here. That multi-colored lupin is fascinating! You know lupin is the Texas state flower (we call 'em Blue Bonnets.) It grows like a weed here, so you see them EVERYwhere. It's illegal to pick/cut/mow them, and the fire ants love them. Between the long arm of the law and those pesky biters, I'm a little afraid of them.

customdesigns4ubynan said...

Happy birthday to your son, and congratulations on all the treasuries! Love the passion flower, so unusual, I don't think I've seen one before. And your marogolds must have reverted to their origins after all these years, they don't look like the hybrids we see in the nursery. Just lovely.

Almost Precious said...

All the floral photos are gorgeous, but I really love the one with the soft pink, peony blossom because it is more than just a is art !

Melissa said...

What gorgeous photographs!! Loving the vivid colors.