Thursday, April 29, 2010

I'm in a Treasury and Closing Shop!

Happy Thursday :)

A couple of things today to share with you all.

First I have a piece of artwork in a Treasury, "Pink Splash". Thanks to Sagescupboard for adding my work to this incredibly "PINK" Treasury go check it out HERE There are some beautiful pink items to see :)

On another note, I have decided to close down my Vintage Etsy Shop :(

Even though it is the most profitable one of my stores, I really do not have the time to juggle 4 Etsy shops and do them all Justice. It is a tough decision but I want to concentrate more on my Art and my Photography, a girl just can't do it all.

So, what I thought would be fun was to have a "NAME YOUR OWN PRICE" Sale :)

If you are interesting in any of the items in my Vintage Shop, just convo me and make me an offer :)

Here are a few of the items in my Vintage Shop still waiting to go to new homes.

There are plenty more so please go check them out at Vintage T. and make an offer :)
Don't forget to enter the chance to win one of Sherri Pekks wonderful Art Card in this week's Giveaway on my Blog, check out details and interview HERE :)

Hope you all have a Wonderful Day!

Happy Painting/Creating! :) T.


cabin + cub said...

Great treasury! I have o idea how you juggled 4 shops... amazing! I feel like I am juggling with just one! ;)

Almost Precious said...

T, your Pink Splash is fantastic and I can see why it got into a treasury.
I'm sorry to hear that your closing your vintage shop but I always wondered how you managed to do so many things and do them all so very well. I was beginning to think you had cloned yourself (a couple of times). Hee-hee :) There are occasions when I could use a clone or two of myself.
The vintage pieces of jewelry (or jewellery, depending upon where one hails from) are gorgeous...they don't make pieces like those anymore, guess that's why they are so highly prized by collectors.
Best of luck on your liquidation sale.
And also thanks a ton for the lovely words of encouragement you left on my blog yesterday, it really helped. :)

Annette said...

Congrats on the treasury! Pink is my favorite color and I love your Pink Splash!! I hope you are able to focus more on your art with closing the vintage shop. I can barely keep up with one!

French Revelation said...

Your art work looks lovely in that Treasury. I really had no idea how you managed all 4 shops T - these days I can't even manage 1 !! Off to check out your vintage items now - those brooches are gorgeous.

mywifesstudio said...

T, congrats on you Pink treasury!! How do you manage all those shops?? You amaze me. Have a great friday!!! Evie

Victoria said...

Hi T, that's great about the treasury, congrats! And understandable about your shop, it must be so neat to find and share those vintage treasures but it's also tempting to put more effort into things that come from your own creativity and heart. Off to check out the shop, I love scarves! I remember my mom having something like that teal and yellow one when I was small. :o)

Teddy Started It said...

Hey, good for you on finding the courage to cut something out. I'm letting my creative shop go, because I just can't do it all. I'll miss it, but there will always be tomorrow -- especially if I don't burn myself out today.