Friday, April 9, 2010


Here we are Friday again! We managed to squeeze a little sunshine in between rain showers yesterday, here in the Pacific NW, and what a difference that makes to the way I feel :)

Before I show you this week's Friday Flowers I wanted to share a Treasury I am in, YAY! I was kindly included by Flowersy it is one of my latest photos in my Etsy Shop of a beautiful Rose.

So this week I have a couple of beauties for you. These both started blooming about a month ago and are still going strong. (Photos were taken nearly a month ago when we were enjoying some lovely sunshine. :)

The first one is "Lesser Celandine" (Ranunculus Ficaria) it falls into the Buttercup family (Ranunculaceae) Seriously, if you knew how much research I have done on this. I first went on the Internet and the information was confusing, then I decided to go to my trusty books on Native Plants in the British Isles which I inherited from my Mother-in-law and waded thru those. What a joy they are, the illustrations are amazing, I absolutely cherish these books. They also gave me conclusive and concise answers. I knew this was a Buttercup but wasn't sure which one.

As this is a Native of Europe and parts of Asia it has been labeled an Invasive Species in parts of America. Again, I feel conflicted about this, I love this plant, as growing up in England this along with Bluebells were an integral part of my childhood, so I keep the plant contained. It has not spread far in my garden and I have not seen it growing anywhere else in the neighbourhood. (Guilt trip over :)

I love the shiny leaves and the flowers are Daisy like in shape.

I love the way they go Spidery as they age.

When we were kids we used to put Buttercups under each others chins and if there was a yellow glow on the skin we'd say you loved butter, of course this didn't happen on cloudy day but we had no clue why, we didn't understand light reflection and light being blocked, you either liked butter or not :) It always made us giggled, I love these innocent memories of childhood.

The next Flower is "CandyTuft - Snow Cushion" (Iberis Sempervirens)

I have this planted in several places in my Garden, it adds a beautiful burst of colour especially along the brick path and next to some of those Purple plants. From a distance they look like a mass of White but on closer inspection a beautiful combination of colours and textures.

Here not only the Gardener in me but the Artist in me gets excited. Look at the beautiful yellow interwoven with the white and the tightness of the green, the textures and shapes, delightful, I am fascinated by the complexity and perfection of this flower.

I hope you enjoyed this week Friday Flowers.

Have a Wonderful Weekend!

Happy Painting/Creating! :) T.


Annette said...

Beautiful flowers! Your buttercup story reminds me of when me and my sisters thought dandelions were the best flowers ever!! We would pick them and give the bouquets to mama, who would ooh and ahh over them!!! My children did the same! Thanks for bringing back some good memories!!!!

Almost Precious said...

Such pretty flowers and awesome photos.
I'm envious of you living up in Oregon, seems everything grows so well up there...well at least most of the flowering plants do, like begonia, peonies, almost all of the flowering bulbs and of course roses. Portland the city of roses! :)

Montagyoo said...


My Life Under the Bus said...

I can't believe all the flowers you have out !!! We had 2 days of 80-90 degree heat and today is freezing ! We have a whole lot of NOTHIN' : ( .....In other news that last photo is stunning !!!

andrea creates said...

Congratulations on the treasury!
And thanks for stopping by my blog with the tip on color wheel info :)
Happy Weekend-
Love the flowers!

Teddy Started It said...

~*Sigh*~ Your flowers are so beautiful. All I have in my yard at the moment is yellow sorel - which is a weed, but my girlie likes picking them, so I wont let The Man pull them up;p And quite frankly, if I had all those pretty little buttercups growing in my yard, I'd consider it an act of guerilla kindness to let them take over the whole county!

Bethany Dirksen said...

The white ones remind me of my childhood because we had them flanking the walkway up to our front door. Very cute!

Anonymous said...

jUST FOUND YOUR BLOG VIA ETSY. Enjoyed the flowers. So beautiful. We are in WI and just starting to enjoy some color.

tina from Atlas Signs and Plaques