Wednesday, November 18, 2009

San Fran Sea Lions!

Even though San Fran. was cloudy on a few afternoons while I was there it did not deter me from going places and taking pictures. I am as fascinated as the next person to go and see the Sea Lions at Pier 39 whenever I am in town and this time was no different, except for the vast numbers of them. Usually there are approx. 300 or so but this year their numbers have swelled to 1500. At Pier 39 they have added 6 extra floating docks to accommodate the population explosion. Nobody can really explain why this has happened or why these mammals make their home there over the Winter.

My money is on this guy being the smart one! (well, who cares about being ostracized when you have to deal with photo below!)

Rather aggressive critters!

The Sea Lions can weigh up to 1,000 pounds (and I thought I was over weight :)

I think I might have all 1500 in this shot :)

Pier 39 is one of San Fran's most popular tourist attractions. I was over the hype the first time I visited but keep going back in the anticipation that things might be a bit different and I don't want to miss anything, typical tourist me :)

Because of the greater numbers of Sea Lions this year there is a turf war going on. The fishermen are not happy and it is swimmer beware! The Sea Lions might look cute but they are carnivores and can be pretty aggressive. The animals are also protected under federal law, so be nice to them or else :)

But truthfully, as much as people are fascinated by these creatures (and yes, I am included) they are very stinky, very aggressive and just steamroller over each other, oh wait a min. they are not too dissimilar to some humans I know (He! He!)

Happy Painting/Creating! :) T.


Alicia Istanbul said...

They are so cute, especially from afar :)

French Revelation said...

This is unbelievable.

Almost Precious said...

There are a number of them, aren't there? Wonder why such a boom in population but sure can understand why the commercial fishermen would not be happy to see the explosion in the Sea Lion population.

I always like to visit your blog, and truly enjoy it when you leave a comment for me to read on my blog. :)

Victoria said...

SO COOL! I totally understand that a few people might be disenchanted with the sheer number of them, but I think they are so cool, lucky you. It also looks quite cozy in the middle of that sea lion pile, if only I could avoid getting squished... actually (forgive the long comment) but this reminds me of a story a biology professor told me once... apparently he had a colleague who was studying vocalizations in sea lions, so this researcher was wearing a black wetsuit and was lying on a beach a short distance away from a herd of sea lions. He was recording their noises and had a set of earphones on to hear what was being picked up, when suddenly the hairs on his back stood up. He turned around to see a huge male sea lion approaching him in an, um, amourous state. He dropped his earphones and ran... so the story goes. :o) Guess the sea lion wasn't his type!

Annette said...

When my son was there on business, the sea lions fascinated him!

Fern said...

WOW! How beautiful :)

Erica said...

Wow! that is really cool! I had no idea that the sea lions made pier 39 thier home!

Charlotte said...

Gotta love the sea lions! I will let you know if I ever meet one up close and personal on a swim in the bay! ;)