Monday, November 30, 2009

My Other Poppy!

Poor Poppy, yep! That is my other Poppy :) She is being dumped on :(

Well, you all know by now that I love Red and so, when we had the opportunity to buy a convertible car multiple years ago it was an absolute no brainer for me. Poppy is a V12, 5.3 liter, XJS, Classic convertible RED Jaguar. Also, part of her was made at the Jag plant in the City I grew up in, unfortunately the plant had to shut down a few years ago, so she is a reminder of the once thriving Coventry car industry.

But as the seasons change she doesn't get to go out to play as much as she does during the Spring and Summer. So, like anything in our house if it doesn't move for a while you will find a pile of something or other growing on top of it and Poppy, unfortunately, is no different.

First it was the cushions from the outside furniture, waiting to go up to the attic, by the way they are still waiting and at this rate they may be still there when Spring rolls around. :)

The front end is covered with the boxes from that haul of wine we ordered after our trip to Napa in September. The wine fridge eventually arrived and so the unpacking of all those boxes that were in the hallway for months got underway. Click here to see.

Please, no comments about the rest of my messy garage :(


This was just the beginning, I wish I had taken pictures of the final pile, needless to say we had a lot of polystyrene to get rid of and cardboard boxes. Thankfully, we have a recycling place that takes polystyrene, I couldn't have put it in the land fill, I would not have forgiven myself. The cardboard all went into our weekly recycling bin. I love living in Oregon for lots of reasons, that it is one of the leading environmentally aware states really helps :)

She is so understanding :)

Here she is on a nice sunny day, posing for the camera, she does like to show off sometimes :)

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Happy Painting/Creating! :) T.


Jewelry Rockstar said...

Beautiful car. Funny statement "something growing from it"

Fern said...

She is beautiful :) Must be a joy to drive. One day when I'm really old (& a grandma) I told my husband that I want a red 4 door jaguar. Such a classy, sexy car! I love your taste in red :)

MAB Jewelry said...

Oooh, she wants to come and visit me! I can tell.

keithchip said...

Great car! You should really tidy up your garage! :)

cabin + cub said...

Great car! Soon spring will be upon us, and you can give her a spin! :)

Almost Precious said...

Mmmm, swwweeeet car ! Nice that she is so forgiving, guess all you need to do is promise her a detail job and a spin around town and she'll forgive you for using her as a storage table. =D But she really is a beauty.

Erica said...

wow... that car is NICE.