Friday, October 9, 2009

"Friday Features"

It's Friday so that means "Features Time!"

I am so excited to bring you another talented member of our Etsy community. This week it is a wonderful girl from Seattle, Wa.

Here is Theresa from http://www/ She kindly answered some questions for us :)

Tell us a little about how you got to where you are creatively.

I started making rosaries in 2001. I was visiting a crafty friend who had recently gotten into beaded jewelry making in addition to her already successful stained glass business. She had made rosaries before and had all the parts available to show me. After she showed me how to use the wire tools to string the beads I was hooked! And the funniest part about it all...I wasn't even Catholic! I've long collected religious kitsch including vintage rosaries, prayer cards, statues, and such. I always loved reading about Saints, especially those who had documented their memoirs and autobiographies. Catholicism was calling to me for many years and learning to make the rosaries was just another step in the right direction. I went through RCIA in 2003 and was Baptized at Easter in 2004. I made rosaries as gifts for the other 24 people who were being Baptized with me that year. I also make about 100 rosaries a year which I donate to my church to give to those in need of a little Grace. I started my Etsy shop in December 2007.

Tell us a little about your creative process.

While traditional rosaries are my main focus I have branched out to offer other fun items which also have that Catholic flavor. Holy medals play a large part in my store. I want my items to be useful in a practical way and allow others to show their Faith and their individual Flair. I'm especially fond of the bookmarks, purse fobs/zipper pulls, and little kilt pin/brooches with colorful medals. Rather than focus on prayer like the rosaries do, these little pieces are silent and beautiful reminders that we are always surrounded by the love of God and we can call upon his Angels and Saints to help us through our day when we need them.

What is your favourite item in your Etsy store right now?

Right now my "Shepherd's Hook" bookmarks are my favorites. I love making them and I love using them. I have many I use at home. I really enjoy that I can still see them when I put books back on the bookshelf because they hook right over the spine and let the charms and beads dangle down. Adds an adorable sparkle to an otherwise cluttered and dusty bookshelf!

What do you love about Etsy?

I love the Etsy community as a whole. The support from the other sellers in the forums and chats is amazing. The teams are delightful for getting to know local crafters in your area and other people who share your passions. I find it absolutely amazing that belonging to a team of rosary makers we see each other as friends and peers instead of competitors and share promotions and sales with each other. The handmade community is so special. Like with cooking, the first ingredient/supply is always Love.

What do you do in your spare time?

I really love to just lay on my couch with a blanket, my cat and watch TV. I'm a sucker for bad reality shows, nutty comedies, and the occasional suspenseful drama. Sometimes I'll craft while I'm lounging around and sometimes I'll just fall asleep. Sleep is another one of my favorite things. I love a good nap!

Tell us 4 things about yourself that would let us peek into your world.

1. I was born and raised in WA state and I live right in the heart of downtown Seattle. My apartment is just a couple blocks from the famous Pike Place Market where they throw the fish. I can see the Space Needle outside my living room window. I love living in the middle of a busy city with all the hustle and bustle. I get way too bored out in the suburbs.

2. I'm not what most would consider a typical Catholic good-girl by looks alone. I have 12 tattoos, a couple fun piercings, and usually have bright-red hair, sometimes with funky streaks. Most of my tattoos are of a religious nature (angels, crosses, Virgin Marys). I get some interesting looks by some of the folks at church, but I don't mind. I love showing my Faith and my personal Flair.

3. My boyfriend of 8 years is a self-proclaimed Athiest who still stuck with me through my conversion to Catholicism. We have some really fun debates. I really appreciate his love and support even though he doesn't believe in my faith - he still believes in me.

4. I have a full-time "day job" in a call center. My boss lets me craft at my desk between phone calls so I do most of my crafting at work! I keep a stash of beads and supplies under my desk.

If you could, what would be your dream life?

My dream life would be that of a housecat so I could sleep all the time. LOL! I swear my cat wakes me up on the weekends just so I'll get up and she can have the whole bed to herself.

Here are the fun places you can find Theresa ;

Hope you enjoyed meeting Theresa! I certainly did. Go check out her Shop on Etsy or leave a comment on her blog!
Have a wonderful weekend :)
Happy Painting/Creating! :) T


Prayers4Theresa said...

My very first blog feature! I'm absolutely thrilled to pieces! Thank you so much for the opportunity! Its a honor and a blessing!

Peace be with you,

Kerry said...

Beautiful items and great feature! I love learning more about shops/shop owners.

Alicia Istanbul said...

Very pretty pieces!

T @ Poppy Place said...

Hey Theresa, it was a joy to get to know you. :)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, regards, T.

Victoria said...

That was a great write-up - I'm not religious but I still really appreciate the beauty of those pieces and the heart behind them - it totally can change your view on items when you know more about who made them and how they feel about it. And I love Pike Place!