Friday, September 18, 2009

Empty Nesting!


As my Son flies off to return to University in England, OMG, it hit me and hard, this is it, I am now OFFICIALLY an "Empty Nester!"

Some women hang out the "Vacancy" sign and throw a party when their kids go off to college.

Some Women have nervous breakdowns and can't function when their "Babies" are no longer home. I think I fall somewhere in the middle.

With One 1,000 miles away in a different State, One 2,000 miles away in the opposite direction in yet another State and One 6,000 miles away on a different Continent, I feel I have done my job in raising kids who are confident enough to go off and explore the planet. Of course, some might say I drove them away with my constant nagging and demands but who would say that???? :)

In these harsh economic times I have seriously thought about renting out a couple of rooms but what would we do at Christmas when they all return, I'm way too polite to tell my kids to sleep on the sofas (or am I?!?!?) I do not think I am going to have a nervous breakdown anytime soon but I am going to party! I have planned a weeks vaca to Napa with the "Old Man" and a little R.& R. which is much needed. Sitting in the California sunshine and sipping wine at 4 o'clock in the afternoon by the pool with nowhere to be, no one expecting dinner cooked, no laundry to be done, no airlines tickets to be booked, school fees to be paid (ok, that is on going) you get the picture :)

Expect photos of that trip when I get back but it most probably will be of wine and more wine. :)

What I really am looking forward to in the coming months is literally having my life back. I will wonder around the house and not see anything out of place (ok, I have to tidy it all up first, of course, just indulge me a little) Then I will listen to the silence, walk to my art area and be the most creative I have been in a long time. Do I hear "Dream On!"

Of course, there is always the other scenario that I never get the things put away, the silence will be overwhelming and I walk to my art area and disolve into a jibbering wreck and not move until everyone comes home again at Christmas!

No, I don't think so. I love my kids greatly but now it is my time. See you in 10 days, I'm off to pack my bags and get ready to fly to Cali!!!!!!

Happy Painting/Creating! :) T.


The Baker's Daughter said...

Enjoy this exciting new adventure!!

Pink Dandy Chatter said...

This will be a new journey for you...hopefully a good one =)

Almost Precious said...

Have fun ! That area of California is a true delight. We were out that way just a few days ago.
Enjoy all the wine tasting and the lovely Tuscany-type hillsides...oh yes and the wonderful restaurants.

esque said...

What fun and exciting time! I miss college and I just graduated :)


Lexa Levine said...

Have a great trip! And it'll be Christmas soon and you'll have a full house again!

Kailee Hankins aka MissMelodyMaker said...

I hope my mom has a positive outlook when I leave too

Almost Precious said...

Saw you on the forum today and thought I'd drop in and say Hi. I just published my blog explaining that strange turquoise "thing". Since you were so close to Sonoma when you were in the Napa valley you might find it interesting. It's definately a place I'd like to go back to.

Shannon said...

Enjoy your vacation! It sounds like you're taking a nice, balanced approach to the empty nest. Good for you! :)

Mz.Cruz said...

Sounds like a lovely tiem to reflect and do the things you enjoy doing:) Not that you couldnt before but now you can develop your other interests.
How about being a hostess to foreign students? They often go home for the Holidays!
Or list your place on and your rooms could be rented to vacationers.
Good luck to you and what a lovely blog you have:)

Julie said...

Two of mine left, one to college and one to the Marines this year. One more off to the Air Force and another off to the Marines within weeks. That leaves my college age daughter here with me at least. I'm almost an empty nest. I can relate! It's hard but okay I think I can get used to this. lol Enjoy your trip.

Annette said...

I love this time of my life now that the kids are gone. Enjoy your vacation and your freedom!

Jennette said...

Enjoy!! Thats great.

Cindy @ Chalk it Up! said...

sounds like a rest well deserved. I'm in the middle of raising my two boys, totally not ready to think of them flying the coop.