Tuesday, July 28, 2009

No Computer Sundays!

So, after spending way too much time on the computer each week, I decided not to turn on the computer on Sundays at all.

A whole day free from the time sink we think we can't live without. I have to tell you, that to start off with, every Sunday I felt a little lost. It isn't like I do not have a million other things to be getting on with. You would think that having all that extra time to be creative would be such a blessing to me as an Artist or even spending extra time with my family; but in reality getting up and switching on the computer first thing every morning has become such a part of my morning ritual that I felt something was missing in my day. I kept telling myself that it was ok I would get used to it but a part of me felt like something was disconnected (well of course it is, HA! HA!)

I am trying not to spend so much time on the computer in general, what did we do before this time sink took over our lives? Am I more productive, more connected? I really do not believe I am. I guess it is good exposure for my artwork but I spent a phenomenal amount of time in front of the screen and spend far less time being creative as a result. I know I need to promote to get the word out that I am an Artist and making connections is wonderful but how much time in front of the computer is too much?

Back to the comment about spending more time with my family, with two teenage sons at home, at present, they are permanently attached to their laptops and my Hubby always has his set up on the dining room table, so when I enter a room where people are in the house there is a chance there could be 3 males sitting in front of the big screen TV with laptops poised on their, well, laps. And when our daughter is home there is the potential for all 4 to be sitting there. So, last Sunday was beautiful and I dragged everyone on a road trip to the Columbia Gorge, it was a great day and thankfully hours without computers but what was the first thing everyone did (expect me?) when we returned? You guessed it, checked their email and facebook pages.

Am I just whining or do I have a point?

Happy Painting/Creating! :)


Kylie B said...

You are soo right Family time is soo much more important than etsy, emailing and surfing etc....!

Christie Cottage said...

LOL You definately have a point!

I no longer just sit and post away continuously, unless I have another project that I can work on at my desk. That way I feel as though I am getting something accomplished.

Almost Precious said...

Boy did you hit that nail on the head! I think we are all becoming too dependent upon our electronic marvels. With sites such as facebook, myspace, flickr, twitter we've lost touch with face-to-face human interaction. Ah, too bad! Gone are the days of families sitting around a board game like Scrabble, Monopoly, Life, Trivial Pursuit. And whatever happened to picnics ?