Friday, July 3, 2009

Holiday Giveaway!

Here we are another month, another giveaway!!

Last month I gave away a small piece of original art, this month I am giving away a colourful vintage scarf just to mix things up!

To celebrate the holiday weekend and 2 of our family members celebrating significant B.Day's what better than to have a giveaway! :)

Just check out my Etsy Shops and post comments back here on my blog until the 11th; there is a big sale going on in all 3 of my Etsy Shops with huge 50% off everything, again to Celebrate!!!!

WIN! WIN! WIN! What fun!

Happy Browsing! Have a great 4th. (for Vintage wares) (for Handmade items)


Almost Precious said...

Your shops are all fantastic. I've hearted each one. Hope you get a whole bunch of entries in your giveaway...the scarf looks way pretty.

soulflower said...

I love your bluepetal awakening painting!

Charlotte said...

I finally figured out how to heart the sites!! I also 'heart' the Waistcoats, I remember who used to wear those!