Thursday, April 21, 2016


Hi All :)

I hope your Thursday is off to a wonderful start :)

I wanted to pop in and share a photo I received from a recent customer :)

I get emails from a lot of my customers telling me that they are happy with my work, usually it is when they have had a photograph of mine framed and it fits in the space they placed it just how they had imagined it to be (very gratifying :)

And on occasion some customers like to send me photographs of my work in their homes. It really makes me feel so happy that people are enjoying my work :)

This project (image below) was a new venture for me. Originally the customer had purchased my "Colorful Fishing Floats" Throw Pillow Cover (cushion on the back of the chair in the photo) 
from my Etsy Shop :)

Then a couple of weeks later they contacted me to see if I could customize a yard of fabric with the same image on it so they could cover the seat of the rocking chair. At first I thought, "how am I going to do that?" but eventually I worked it out. There is a company called "Spoonflower" who have been around for about 10 years who have lots of beautiful fabrics created by lots of talented Artists. I have thought about put my work onto fabric before but you know how time is, it disappears and one thing leads to another and before you know it, it is another thing that is sitting on the backburner waiting for you to rethink it. So, it was a wonderful opportunity for me to revisit putting my work onto fabric. I was a bit nervous, I have to admit, but after exchanging emails with the company and getting some much needed advice I uploaded the image and drop shipped the fabric to the customer. Then it was nail biting time because I was watching the tracking to see when the fabric would arrive at the customers home.

About a week after I saw the fabric had been delivered I was getting nervous, these customers had been great communicators in the lead up time, so I was just about to send them an email and the photo of the finished Rocking Chair arrived with a lovely, lovely thank you from the Happy Customers :)

What is so awesome about this is now I know I can put my work onto fabric with confidence and am excited about a new avenue for my work but most of all I have Happy Customers who have a one of a kind chair, unique to them & their home :)

Every time I look at this photo it makes me smile and I think it really is a work of art, with the yellow accents too and the Artist in me is very, very Happy :)

(photo shared courtesy of my Happy Customers :)

Hope you enjoyed this little story & image :)

Happiness All Round :)

Have a wonderful Thursday :)

Happy Painting/Creating! :) T.

Sunday, April 3, 2016


Hi All :)

I hope your Weekend is going well :)

I just wanted to pop in here and share some of the items I have sold in my Etsy Photography Shop recently :)

I feel truly grateful that people appreciate and buy my work :)

2016 has started off really well for me and it feels like a blessing as all the hard work over the past few years might be starting to pay off :)

click on photos to see larger images :)

"St. John's Bridge" - B. & W. - 20" x 30"

"Pretty Peony" - B. & W. - 12" x 18"

"Whispers of Spring" - B. & W. - 8" x 10"

"Blossoms Drops" - B. & W. - 8" x 10"

"Pretty Peony" - B. & W. - 8" x 10"

The 3 photos above were a customized special ordered set - it is always fun to personalize my work to customers special requests :)

"Flowers At Midnight" - Wall Tapestry - 88" x 104"

And the customer was so happy with this Wall Tapestry she sent me a photo of it on her bedroom wall, so sweet :)

"Journey" - Wall Tapestry - 68" x 80"

"Colorful Fishing Floats" - Throw Pillow Cover - 18" x 18"

These customers were so excited with the Pillow Cover (above) that they asked me to customize a yard of fabric for them to cover a chair, I don't usually do this but they have been so sweet and it was a new venture for me :)

So these are some of the items I have sold in my Etsy Shop in the passed month, YAY!!!!! 

I am selling pretty well in my Society 6 Shop as well, YAY!!! there too :)

Thanks to the wonderful customers and all the support from the lovely people who encourage me everyday :)

Have a Wonderful Weekend :)

Happy Painting/Creating! :) T.