Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Hi All :)

I hope I find you all well and your Wednesday is going well :)

So, a few weeks ago in my blog post I started to tell you a bit about our failed move to San Diego. :( 
I thought I would hold off talking too much about it this week, as I can only handle so much of it, so I am sure you could possibly feel the same way. ;)

I will get back to it but I truly have to process it too ;(  I don't want to sound too whiny so...............................pausing for now :)

But if you read that week's blog post you know that my 2015 SUCKED!!!!!

So, I wanted to share with you a simple process I go thru every day that makes getting out of bed in the morning a whole hell of a lot better (noticed I didn't say "bounce" out of bed, as I can't remember the last time I did that, except when I needed to go a pee urgently, lol :)

Anyway, lying in bed, after I wake, is a troubling time for me, as each part of my body wakes I become aware of the pains and challenges going on in my body and sigh, I think, well here we go again, another day of dragging thru life. It would be so much easier to just pull the covers up over my head and go F... it I ain't moving, I'm just going to lie here and feel sorry for myself all day. But that is just plain selfish (don't get me wrong, there have been plenty of days when I wasn't physically able to get out of bed, so that is where I stayed) but there are other people to consider not just me, so after a while I give myself a little pep talk in the form of Being Grateful. :)

 Of course it would be so much easier to stay in bed than getting up and pushing myself thru each day, so much easier to feel sorry for myself than to be grateful but I count this as a good exercise for my mind, it might not be earth shattering, but I do believe that there is a slight paradigm shift and a motivating message to my body that it is worth it to push thru and try and live as best a life as I can that day. :)

So, I tell myself 10 things I am grateful for, they don't have to be big things, they shouldn't be the same things as yesterday, although of course there is a constant theme to this. :)

My number One gratitude statement is; I am thankful I woke up this morning :)

Simple but so important, right?!?! :)

Followed closely by being exceptionally grateful for a loving family :)

Being grateful is not a new concept, I know, but being consistent with it, is what makes it worthwhile and strengthens my resolve. :)

I try not to be grateful for superficial things in my 10 morning Gratitude statements but I will include being incredibly grateful for a roof over my head, I never take that for granted.  

One of the things I am very grateful for is still being able to be creative and I love to share my photos/artwork for you to enjoy :)

Here is something I have been working on recently :)

My Children found this Feather one year while we were on vacation at the beach, they kindly presented it to me and it has been a part of my art space for a long time now. It has been used for drawing lessons, writing and even to move paint around a surface (notice there are a couple of tips that have ink on them :) A few Summers ago, I decided to work on an outdoor still life photography project, the Feather was a part of that :) This year I finally had some time to work on creating the images I wanted from that shoot :)

Hope you enjoy these :)

Click on photos to see larger images :)

Have a Lovely Wednesday :)

Happy Painting/Creating! :) T.


Jaime Haney said...

What a lovely feather T.! I love all the different versions you've created here. Taking time to be thankful for everything is a beautiful way to start your day, I love that you're doing that. I'm so sorry you've had such an ordeal and bad year last year. I wish I could make things better for you. Sending a big hug from Indiana and dreams of sunshine.

Annette said...

I have spent the last 2 years being mindful of what I have to be grateful for, no matter what life throws at me on any given day. It has made a HUGE difference in my attitude and how I deal with the ups and downs of life.

It's inspiring to hear that you have discovered the benefits of being grateful too.:)

I love, love, love the feather photos! Each one made me feel something different.

I'll be sharing my Thankful Thursday post tomorrow. Must be a theme this week, lol!!

T@PoppyPlacePdx said...

Hi J. :)

Thanks so much for your lovely words :)

Yep, last year was really crappy but hopefully there is light at the end of the tunnel :)

I truly appreciate the hug from Indiana, you are a wonderful person :)

Oh and you made me laugh when you said you used to cut the grass with scissors, I did the same thing one summer when I lived in London and I cut out just enough of the foot high grass so I could lie down and sunbath, lol, my Hubby will attest he thought it was highly amusing :)

Happy Wednesday, cheers, T. :)

T@PoppyPlacePdx said...

Hi A. :)

Thanks so much for your sweet words :)

I had so much fun playing with the feather images, even though I stayed up until 2.30am to work on them, it was the happiest I had gone to bed in a long time, sometimes we have to give ourselves permission to really get stuck into the things we love to do, don't we? :)

Oh I look forward to your post tomorrow, we truly do have a lot to be Thankful for, right :)

Happy Evening, my friend, cheers, T. :)

Mechelle said...

What an uplifting post to be grateful for all that you have. When I feel down, I may hear a story on the news or someone might share what hardship someone else is going through, then I realize how blessed I am. I try to thank God each and everyday for all the great things in my life. True, not everything is perfect, but my problems are minor compared to what others may be going through.

mypixieblog said...

That feather--and your photography--are absolutely beautiful. It's hard to be grateful always in the moment, but I love your little gratitude reminders. It's a wonderful thing when you can have a quiet moment of reflection and give thanks for the simple things--regardless of what they are! Thank you for sharing this reminder :) XOXO

T@PoppyPlacePdx said...

Hi M. :)

So good to meet you :)

I'm following your blog now :)

Yep, when we look at the news it can be incredibly depressing but then we do have to realise we do have it better than so many people, so sending them positive energy and being thankful is the right thing to do :)

Hope you are having a wonderful day, cheers, T. :)

T@PoppyPlacePdx said...

Hi C. :)

Thanks so much for your lovely words :)

It makes me so happy when people "get" my work :)

Yep being grateful is so important, we even have a gratitude journal that we used to write with our kids :)

Hope your Thursday is going well, cheers, T. :)

Duni said...

Great post Teresa!
you are so right. Despite the challenges we face there are still plenty of things to be grateful for each day.
Gratitude opens many doors...
LOVE your feather photography! Wishing you a wonderful day and an enjoyable weekend :)

Carrie said...

Goodness these feather pieces are so beautiful. Isn't it incredible that these little things gather together to enable a creature to fly, oh to fly!
I completely understand your battle to get up every day, I'm in the same forever punctured life raft, just getting through life one day at a time, forever exhausted.
I like your gratitude practice - I do yoga to get strength and peace xxx

PS thanks for your comment on my first post in ages, hugs

T@PoppyPlacePdx said...

Hi D. :)

You are awesome :)

I truly appreciate your lovely comments & continued support :)

I hope your Weekend is wonderful, cheers, T. :)

T@PoppyPlacePdx said...

Hi C. :)

It was wonderful to see you back blogging :)

Thanks so much for your sweet words :)

I know you understand all too well & I have really appreciated your honesty in sharing over the years, it is inspiring :)

I wish I could fly away too, my Son asked me if I would go on a trip to visit relatives in S. Ireland with him to other day, I am so bummed I can't go right now, maybe I will have the strength again to fly one day :)

Have a lovely weekend, cheers, T. :)

Miss Val's Creations said...

Life it full of challenges, both good and bad. They make us stronger so keep pushing through. :) What a precious feather your children gave you. It sounds like it brings a lot of joy. Your photos are exquisite!

T@PoppyPlacePdx said...

Hi Miss V. :)

Thanks so much for stopping by and I LOVE your thoughtful words :)

Hope your Sunday is going well :)

Happy Weekend, cheers, T. :)