Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Trying to Keep Sane :)

Hi All :)

Well, the past few weeks have been Exhausting, Confusing Frustrating and Stressful :(

Not to bore you with too many details but we have been going thru the crazy process of getting ready to move, pricing a household move (totally scary, the price not the movers, so much, LOL :) They told us it would take 3 days to pack our household belongings and 2 days to load the truck (Do ya think we should get rid of some stuff??? He! He!) 
Then Costing everything that needed to be done to our house before it was market ready (Even more scary! :) And on and on, you know all the little things that suddenly add up to a huge pile of stuff to be done when you are planning to move. We thought it would be worth the stress and a calm transition in the end.

Then it all feel apart in a hurry and now we are sitting shell shocked and baffled, trying to come to terms with what happened. :(

On top of that;

I have also had 3, yep, THREE C.T.Scans in as many weeks, multiple doctors visits and then a Spinal tap tomorrow, a Mammogram and an E.E.G. next week. I am totally exhausted and I guess this is what happens when you put off doing stuff or aren't up to doing stuff or you change Neurologists and they have a different approach on trying to work out what is causing all the symptoms I am experiencing, Oh The Joy :(

So, now you know why I haven't been around much, blogging, commenting or FB - ing (does that mean something else, He! He!)

Anyway, I have so many photos from my trip to Eastern Oregon I want to share with you but working on them right now is going to be challenging but I did want to share this one with you :)

click on photos to see larger images :)

Sunset over Mt. Hood

As my Hubby and I were driving on the East side of our beautiful state of Oregon, across high dessert, we saw this beautiful site and of course I just had to get out of the car and take some photos :)

I had never seen the Mountain from the East Side before :)

Because of all the smoke from the forest fires in Oregon and Washington State, at the time, it made for a beautiful sunset :)

I didn't want to photo - shop out the telephone wires, as for me it added to the surreal environment we found ourselves in. It was amazing, warm high desert for miles and miles, not a tree in sight, not a building for miles and a great paved roadway where few cars passed us and it was so, so, so quiet, I truly believe we would have heard a pin drop on the roadway :)

For this City Girl it was absolutely magical :)

This is our wonderful Mt. Hood, that we can see from Portland on most days :)

This is a photo I took of Mt. Hood a few years ago, on Thanksgiving Weekend, from the West Side :)

I hope you are all doing well and life is treating you kindly :)

Have a lovely Tuesday :)

Happy Painting/Creating! :) T.


Meeling said...

Welcome back!

I've missed your posts, but I totally understand. I think we all find ourselves in those kinds of situations at some point in our lives. And guess what, life comes first, blogging second! ;-) All kidding aside, I hope that things work out with your tests and results. Things like that can be scary, time consuming and just plain frustrating.

I recently had a biopsy (leg) and stitches and then waiting for results. Thankfully all was fine, but none the less, those things add stress to our already busy lives.

I'll keep you in my thoughts dear friend and maybe I'll send you some of my pumpkin doughnuts to cheer you up! ;-)

ps...I'm using and loving one of those little shampoos you sent, from your giveaway. It smells heavenly and makes my hair so bouncy - love it!

T@PoppyPlacePdx said...

Thanks Meeling for your sweet
words :)

Oh I am so glad you are using the goodies :)

When I saw that you were making Pumpkin Donuts I was very
impressed :)

Have a lovely day, cheers, T. :)

Charlotte said...

Love the photos! Glad you were able to enjoy a trip in the middle of all that is happening. The opportunity to move will come again and hopefully a little less stressful! Love you!

T@PoppyPlacePdx said...

Thanks Sweetie, that means a lot :)

Hopefully :)

Love you too! :) T.

Annette said...

Any one of those things is stressful enough, but all together it must be very discouraging and depressing. I am so sorry you have to deal with it all. I'll keep you in my prayers.
What an awesome photo, T.!! It sounds like quite an amazing experience...the kind of thing that stays with you forever.
I've missed you but as Meeling said, life comes first.

Take care of yourself. XOXO

T@PoppyPlacePdx said...

Thank you Annette, I really appreciate your lovely words :)

It is so wonderful to have such wonderful blogger buddies :)

Cheers, T. :)

keithchip said...

Wishing you a good outcome to all the stress and testing you have been though. That is one awesome photo of Mount Hood with the Sun rolling down it... Fantastic stuff.!

T@PoppyPlacePdx said...

Thank you Sweetie :) T.

JacBer said...

Gorgeous photos as usual T :-)

Sounds like you're having some great character building adventures. Please take care of yourself.

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Welcome back lady, gorgeous photos as usual!

T@PoppyPlacePdx said...

Thanks Gill and Krysten, you know I LOVE taking photos :) T.

Almost Precious said...

Hi T -
Not sure how I missed this as I have you on my sidebar blog roll list. Guess I must not have checked into Blogger that day. :(

Sorry to hear that life has been a bit down and stressful of late for you. Would be nice if life were just a bowl of cherries but I recall that book by Erma Bombeck; "If Life's A Bowl Of Cherries, What Am I Doing In The Pits ?" We have our ups and downs and I suppose that what makes life so interesting ... never a dull moment. :)

Hope the doctors get you feeling good again and soon. Please keep us informed as to how you're doing.

The photos are superb and the one of the deep red sunset over Mt. Hood is jaw dropping. It must have felt like you were on a different world altogether. I like both photos but the one of Mt. Hood in her bridal white gown of snow and ice is truly gorgeous.

Take care dear T and I hope that fickle fate starts dealing you some wonderful cards. ;)
Hugs and best wishes.

Additionsstyle said...

Sorry to hear about all your stress, and medical issues. I hope all works out and that you are feeling better real soon! Your photos are beautiful!
Take Care
Everyday Inspired

T@PoppyPlacePdx said...

Hi Anna And V. :)

Thank you both for your very sweet words and support it means so much right now :)

I hope you both have wonderful days, cheers, T. :)

My Life Under the Bus said...

Oh T. so sorry to hear you are so stressed out! Moving is a Hell ride all on it's own throw in health issues I can't imagine. Sending prayers and hugs your way XOXO

T@PoppyPlacePdx said...

Thanks Patty, you're a sweetheart :) T.

Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

That is a whole lot to deal with at once, T. I do hope things straighten out and that you are feeling better soon.