Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Surfer Boys :)

Hi All :)

Happy First Day of Spring to my Blogger Buddies in the Northern Hemisphere and Happy First Day of Autumn to my Blogger Buddies in the Southern Hemisphere :)

I hope you are all well :)

If anyone out there is getting Sunshine please send some our way; it continues to be a snow rain/mix here, YUCK!!!!  :(

I thought I would share with you 3 different finishes of the same image "Surfer Boys"

It reminds me of the lovely time we had on our trip and seeing Sunshine, YAY!!!

Click on photo to see a larger image :)

Original Photograph "Surfer Boys"

"Surfer Boys" with a layer of Bokeh

"Surfer Boys" with a Multi Blue/Purple hues layer

Let me know which one you like :)

Have a lovely Day!

Happy Painting/Creating! :) T.


A la Maison said...

I am a complete beach girl! LOVE your work!

Holly said...

Happy first day or Spring to you too! Sorry about your snow, we've been celebrating with 70 - 80 degree days in New York.

Love the photograph with the Bokeh layer the best. Adds a sunny, warm element to it that you'd associate with the beach!

keithchip said...

It's nice to think that people have the time to go surf and enjoy he waves! I'm sure one of them is saying to the other "You know we are walking straight towards a bunch of rocks, right?". Bokeh looks good!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Love the last one, pretty!

Almost Precious said...

They all have their own special quality but I find myself drawn to the last one. It has that: perfect day for the Pacific Coast surfer dude, ethereal vibe to it.

We've pretty much sprung right over Spring and spronged right into Summer. It's clear, sunny and almost 85 outside (but feels hotter). The Canadian geese couple have built a nest in our neighbor's yard and we're wondering if they will really try to raise some goslings or if it will get too hot for them and they'll head up north again to cooler climes?

Meeling said...

Lovely Teresa!! Loving the middle one...totally my favorite due to it's orange hue. :-)

Happy Spring to you too!! We had major rain here over the weekend but looks like maybe it's cleared out this morning.

Wishing you a lovely week my friend!

Sharon said...

The photos are all great, but I really like the middle one with the Bokeh layer. It reminds me of the golden light at sunset.

Annette said...

Hi T. and happy spring to you too! It's definitely spring here. We've already mowed the yard twice and everything is blooming way too early!

I like the photos in the order you have them. The original I like best but I'm always a sucker for bokeh!

Have a great evening! :)