Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Year in Photos :)

Good Morning Everyone! :)

I hope you are all well :)

In 2011, I took over 12,000 photos with my Nikon D90 camera! I uploaded them and then didn't have time to go thru and look at all of them. Over the past few weeks I have been looking at them and found so many that I wanted to share with you. Last year I shared 2 previously unpublished photos for each month of the year on my blog and I thought it would be fun to do that again this year! :)  It was really hard to keep it to just 2 photos for every month of the year, but here is my 2011 year in photos.

I hope you enjoy them :)


Click on photos to see larger images :)

Sunset over Willamette Falls New Year's Day 2011 (SOOC)

Sunset ove the Willamette River New Year's Day 2011 (I love how the light just catches parts of the railway tracks) (SOOC)


Coastal Range approx. 100 miles away (shot taken thru the window in my Dining Rm.) (SOOC)

The glow of a Wintry Southern Evening Sky shot thru my office window (SOOC)


Magnolia's at the Crystal Springs "Rhoddie Gardens" Portland Oregon. (SOOC)

Goose on a Mission (SOOC)


Magnolia in my Garden :)

Easter Bonnets in the window of John Helmer Haberdasher, Portland Oregon.


Red Tulips in my Garden

Beautiful Rose, taken as I was driving around a neighbourhood


Lovely Peach Iris in my garden :)

One of my "Babies" I really am crazy in love with my Poppies :) (SOOC)


Stars and Stripes on the 4th of July to honour at a local Cemetery.

It isn't everyday you see Vultures on the roof of a suburban neighbours house, well, not the feathered variety anyway (He! He!) (SOOC)


Flowers in pots in my front garden :)

Surfers on the Oregon Coast, the one and only day I went to the Oregon coast last year, but it was a great time, I went with my son before he went back to college and we sat and watched these guys for nearly 2 hours :) (SOOC)


Rows of Grape Vines in Napa Valley, in the California Sunshine :) (SOOC)

Grapes on the Vines in Napa Valley, great reminder of our lovely vacation :) (SOOC)


Then the leaves start to change colours, so prettily :)

Fall Leaves, Lake Oswego, Oregon :)


Fall Leaves, Portland Oregon

Fall Leaves West Linn, Oregon


This sign was originally "the White Stag" sign, then the "Made in Oregon" sign and now it is proudly displaying the University of Oregon colours as they have a campus in that building. It is a huge part of the Portland historical landscape and every year over the Holiday Season the Stag's nose is lit in RED :) (SOOC)

Light display in a restaurant we went to over the holidays to celebrate with our whole family together :)

I tried to do more SOOC (straight out of camera) shots this year and it is an interesting challenge when you are taking the photo to know that you are not going to be colour enhancing or adding bits or taking away anything. It is a fun aspect to photography for me. After spending 2010 learning how to alter photos, it felt more like using a film camera, what you take is what you get kind of thing.

I really am enjoying my photographic journey and I truly appreciate you coming along for the ride, cheers, T. :)

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Hope you all have a wonderful Day! :)

Happy Painting/Creating! :) T.


Almost Precious said...

Fantastic photos T (as always). :)

Though my favorite has to be the captured shot of the millinery display through the haberdashery storefront window. So different, fun and very charming.

12,000 pictures ... wow that's a lot ! ... thankfully your photos are usually so perfect (SOOC) and need no editing or enhancing.

keithchip said...

Awesome stuff. That was a quick year! I love the way you really see the seasons through the photos.

colleen said...

Loved seeing this! What a great project and beautiful pictures, of course!

Jenni @ RainyDayGardener said...

T - my favorite is of the peach iris. That is such a perfect shot (not to mention a perfect iris!!) Cheers, Jenni

shellie said...

beautiful as always lady!

ArtSings1946 said...

Thank you for sharing. What a beautiful area you live in.

Love and Light and All Things Good for All !

cabin + cub said...

Great year in review... how idd you ever choose?! You have so much to choose from! ;)

My have is the photo of all the hats. I think maybe because I am not brave enough to wear one! ;)

Meeling said...

Gorgeous!! I can't imagine having to pick my favorites from that many!! How did you do it?!?

I love your October pics especially, but I'm always in love with anything orange!! :-D

Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

Holy moly, that's a lot of picture taking! Going through them all takes the most time, does it not? I love the pic of the hats, in particular.

Thanks for your sweet words about my baby :)

Charlotte said...

Wow! That is a lot of photos. I remember how cold it was on NY Days! Burr...doesn't seem like a year ago. I also love the goose, that made me laugh! Silly looking guy. Can't wait to see how many photos you take this year!

Clare said...

What a gorgeous survey of the year in Oregon! It's so much fun to see the months all running together. I also love to hear about the challenges you give yourself, and really wonderful to see the results!

SibStudio said...

Your photos are so beautiful. As I scrolled down, at each one I thought oh this is my favorite. Until I scrolled down and saw the next one! :)