Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sisterhood of the Traveling Book.

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Well, hasn't blogger been fun the past few weeks. Not being accessible, losing postings, not being able to add comments  etc., but thankfully it seems to have sorted itself out and actually some of the posts that I lost now miraculously, if partially, returned weird but YAY!!

So, I was really excited when my blogger buddy Jaime at ArtsyFartsyMe Blog announced the "Sisterhood of the Traveling Book" giveaway.

(This cute original artwork by Jaime at ArtsyFartsyme blog :)

So, I quickly signed up to participate in this fun giveaway with a twist. I was fortunate to be the first person picked to receive the book, read it and past it on. (Unfortunately, life has been getting in the way of that and I have been VERY SLOW :(


The book, "Making Room for Making Art" by Sally Warner couldn't have arrived at a more crucial time. I have been questioning over the past year how to move forward with my Art and believe it or not I have not created many 2 D art pieces in the past year. One of the reasons is that our family has been coming and going so there is no fixed time to apply to my art (as I use the dining area of our kitchen as a studio) and with young adult males there is always someone in the kitchen looking for food (He! He!) Another reason is that my art pieces have gotten so big and I have also been wanting to do more sculpture work that I have completely outgrown my space. Yet another reason is that I have spent most of the past few years working really hard on my photographic work and there just isn't enough time to go around. This has left me more frustrated than ever. Add to that the complications of living with an illness that can wipe the wind out of my sails in a heart beat and leave me in recovery for weeks or months at a time, sometimes is gets harder to pick myself up and start all over again.

Some of the things the book helped me consider were;

1). Focusing on what and where I really want to use my limited time and energy. (I added a few quotes from the book :)

"Obstacles to creativity pile up as life becomes more complex."

 "Did you know that even fractured studio time adds up when you're consistent?"

"Every choice you make has a consequence." (exactly what I used to "preach" to my kids! :)

"Another thing that is difficult for many of us to learn is to limit the number of things we do" (definitely one of my biggest challenges)

2). Encouraged me not to give up. "Don't lose confidence in your artistic vision"

3). Reinforced in me that being an Artist is what I am on this planet to be.

"How we keep making that art in spite of everything."

"Art is so important that Artists can't feel fully alive without making it."

"this is what I'm doing; this is what I believe in; this is what I really want to be doing"

"when you're alone with your art you're probably the freest" (this is so me)

"I've begun to feel lately that just being able to do what I want to do is the greatest gift I have in this life"

4). Others (possible all) artists struggle.

"Even lifelong Artist's can get lost."

"don't be put off by the feeling that a real artist wouldn't have these doubts, these struggles, it's simply not true"

5). Keep working; "the creative urge is such a strong one"

6). To create for myself NOT others.

"I want to make Art regardless of conventional ideas of failure or success."

"and then there is the pressure that results from going against society's general view of what constitutes a productive life"

"when you're talking about trying to spend a lifetime with your art, no other approach than focusing on your own vision is worthwhile"

7). I am not alone in my sense of isolation as an Artist.

8). And the down falls; "Financial security and art do not often coexist"

"A degree doesn't make you an Artist"

"We often measure ourselves against some faceless ideal artist"

"For most artists, though, commercial success never happens, no matter how much they deserve it"

What came to mind while reading the book is that;

I'm a Doodler, always have been, my mind used to drift off in school and as I gazed out of the window at the trees, my pencil would take my hand on a doodle run. I often got into trouble at school for "Daydreaming" but this has been such a valuable part of my life and my art now, I doodle as a kind of warm up exercise, like stream of consciousness writing or practicing scales in music. It is powerful stuff, the very essense of my art, of who I am and how I create.

I never really thought of myself as a "REAL" Artist until I was able to go to college as an adult and study art. I have always been creative but not 'til I sold my first piece of artwork 14 years ago did I call myself officially an "Artist."

I get into a "Zone" while creating art. It is the only time in my life that I am completely consumed in the moment, it is truly amazing. "I see art as the 'outward and visible sign' of creatvity, which is the (reflection of) inward and spiritual grace." (I lOVE this quote from the book! :)

Sometimes it is good to take a break, re-evaluate, refocus and take a deep breathe and try again. That is just what I am doing after being inspired by this book.

So, now I need to pass the book on to one of the "Sisters" and that would be Jennifer@Jewelry by J.P. Blog Enjoy!

Thanks Jaime for doing this :)

And finally....... :)

I wanted to share a few photos with you that I took recently;

I hope you enjoyed these :)

I always love to hear what you think! :)

Have a Wonderful Day! 

Happy Painting/Creating! :) T.


cabin + cub said...

I am loving all the blossoms!!! Soooo pretty! You've really captured their great colours!

Meeling said...

LOVE the bottom photo T...awesome colors!!!
I know wasn't blogger "out of sorts"...geez I couldn't log on and I noticed posts went bye-bye! Seems like it's all sorted out now.

Glad to see you're back too!! :-)

How fun passing along a book like that and it sounds like a great motivator!

Victoria said...

Those flowers are lovely! They look like little sunsets. :)

I found your post very interesting to read - I don't consider myself an artist because to me creating things is more of a hobby, not an all-consuming passion... and I know this seems to be a debate among people about who can call themselves an 'artist' but I just don't feel I am one. That said, I have so much respect for artists... not just visual arts but performing arts, music, everything. It must be so challenging and yet rewarding to measure growth and success by your own standards, since art is so subjective you can't always listen to what other people say, good or bad. I enjoyed reading your quotes, and I hope you keep on creating even with the boys eating you out of house and home! :)

Jaime Haney aka ArtsyFartsy.Me said...

T, this is a great rundown on the book and what struck you as inspiring. I love and remember some of those quotes you've picked out. In fact, I think I wrote down a few of the same ones! It is gratifying to see the book traveling on to inspire you and now Jennifer. I'm so glad you've enjoyed and got something out of the book :)


My Life Under the Bus said...

This hit home for me today as I have been struggling with the "am I wasting my time" question and questioning what I am doing in general - maybe feeling a bit like I have hit a wall. Great thoughts to ponder. ( I love that first shot in *PINK*!!!).... and yes it really is a little birdie! hahahahaha

Almost Precious said...

T - What a great and timely blog post. I will definitely be on the look out for Sally Warner's book.

I was wondering about Blogger as I was having one heck of a time with my last post ... I tried putting it into draft mode for a day or two to see if I could come back to it and get it straighten out. First Blogger spell check would not work for me and then it began to reposition my photos, after that I found it kept reverting to another text font on me. Thought either I had picked up a PC virus or Blogger had Gremlins. Yeah, gremlins seem to explain it !!!

I really love that last photo of yours, when I first saw it I really thought it was a piece of your own, original painted art work. It is incredibly artistic.

MAB Jewelry said...

Oh, I needed this post, Miss Poppy. I have had that "not enough hours in the day" feeling so often lately. I am happiest when making stuff, so I should make stuff whenever there is a spare wisp of time.
And anything you make will be lovely, because you are such a lovely soul.
Now. . . get to work! :)

Jenni@ RainyDayGardener said...

Wow, that sounds like a wonderful book! I could relate to so many of the quotes you used. You have no idea the internal struggle I have with the reality that I have to have a day job and the internal need to create. I am such a grump sometimes when I can't be in my studio! great post T and I love the glowing rhodie photo!! xo Jenni

Annette said...

I have come back and read this post several times, because I think you wrote about what I and so many others think about and struggle with. It's nice to know we're not alone!

The photos are beautiful as always and I like the last one best! :)

keithchip said...

Thought provoking stuff from an artistic viewpoint. Love the photos (as always).....

Charlotte said...

Sounds like a very inspiration book. Thank you for sharing your artistic exploration! I really like a lot of those quotes. Humbling, honest but inspiring. Also, love the Evening Light photo!