Monday, August 16, 2010

Mixed Up Monday!

Happy Monday Everyone :)

I can't believe it has been nearly two weeks since I blogged! How time flies! I have missed you all and am really excited to read what you have all been doing :)

Well, I have spent a considerable amount of time working on a Garage Sale. I know they are a lot of work and in the past I have really enjoyed them, this time unfortunately, the temp. reached nearly 100 and so most people were staying home in their AC.

I took this photo before everything was out (above), but realised that from the street it didn't look like much so I had to do some re-arranging, the Barbie table was put front and centre and we sold nearly all of the Barbie stuff to a little girl who was so happy when her Mom bought it for her, it was so sweet to see her pure joy :)

Then we were on Vaca at the Oregon Coast. As you can see from the photos (below) there is often a marine layer over the chilly Pacific, which can last all day, even in the middle of Summer!

People love the challenge of climbing this enormous sand hill (below) Yep, those are people on that hill :) My sons did climb it this time but my days of doing that are definitely over, I never actually made it to the top, ever :(

We did have a few sunny days and got to relax after a very busy Summer and take a deep breathe before the next college year starts this week.
With our family coming and going, living in different Countries, States and working and studying it is hard to have everyone together very often and harder still to find time to have a photo shoot with my 3 kids. So, I had to be the Bossy Momma and insist! :)
It is really weird for me that now my "Kids" are really no longer kids but young adults there doesn't seem to be a word to introduce them, it is long winded to say my sons and daughter! My kids or my Children implies much younger people and my "kids" do not want to be introduced as that anymore as they are young adults, so what do I call them "These are my young adults" doesn't work. Any suggestions!?!?!

I know I am biased but this is too cute :)

Posing with my other "Baby" Poppy :)

I love this shot :)

I am also working on calendars for 2011 which will include my Photography. Hopefully they will be available by the end of September, I am really excited about these :)
I received 2 blog awards for my other Blog while I was gone and so a BIG Thank you to Jessah at Bright Circle Blog for including me in her Fav. 15 blog award :)
And also Thanks to Kim at Southern 05 Belle Blog for giving my Blog the Versatile Blog award, you guys Rock :)
I wanted to let you know that in the month of August I am having a sale of all my Rose Prints in my Etsy Photography Shop :)
Any 8 x 8, 8 x 10, or 8 x 12 Rose Print for just $10.00 that is a 60% savings. Get a jump start on those Holiday gifts. Who doesn't love flowers that will last forever :)
And Lastly, I haven't had a Giveaway for a while, so I think it is time, don't you? So, I need to get on that one, come back on Wednesday and see what goodies are going to be available :)
I hope I haven't worn you all out (He! He!)

Have a great start to the week :)

Happy Painting/Creating! :) T.


Southern Belle said...

Interesting read and lovely photos. Those people look like ANTS, lol.

Pink Dandy Chatter said...

the barbie stuff brought back childhood memories =)
The photos of your kids ...oops, I mean young adults are beautiful!

Almost Precious said...

First of all, we missed you ! Second, you have a beautiful family.

I have never had the courage to tackle a garage sale, it's not the work of setting everything up, it's the pricing and putting ads in the papers, signs out around town and then crossing fingers hoping for a good turn out. GOOD GRIEF 100 degrees in Portland ? Never heard of such a thing before ! Well maybe lots of people stayed home enjoying their A/C but at least one little girl came to your sale and went home on a Barbie pink cloud 9. :)
The huge sand hill is impressive. I have enough trouble walking in sand on a flat surface, no way would I attempt a humongous hill of sand that goes straight up forever. I could see myself ending up tobogganing down the hillside on my tummy or my rump. LOL

Melissa said...

Once upon a time, I had that pink Barbie corvette too!

kelli g. { bug miscellany } said...

geez you've been busy!! and brave! i'm so lethargic with this killer heat - and my kittens hate it too (poor babies).
your "kids" are lovely. :) maybe you should just call 'em your 'whippersnappers' or 'young'uns' or 'wee ones.' bet they won't mind being called 'kids' so much anymore. :P

hope you have a lovely rest of the summer with your fam!

oh ps - any recommendations on a good Oregon coast spot to visit? hubbers and i are workin on some weekend plans i think.... ;)

Charlotte said...

Love the photos ;) You will have to send some to me! I'm not going to cry about no longer having Barbie's RV and you said I am now an "Adult."

Victoria said...

Glad to see you back, T, I was wondering where you'd been!! Your Barbie set-up looks great, it's nice to hear that it went to a good home. :)

I'm glad you enjoyed your time with your kids - and I think we will always be our parents' kids, even if we resist the name for a little while. I'm an only child so it's easy for my mom to say "daughter" but I get lumped in with my boyfriend and his sister - who are 30 and 28 respectively - as the "kids" and none of us mind. :) You could always try "the offspring" or "the spawn" and see how that goes over.

Annette said...

You have a beautiful family! I'm so glad you got to spend time with all of your 'family members' at the same time! I'm so jealous of your 'baby' too!!!! :)